Same Day Cheap Funeral Flowers

Same Day Cheap Funeral Flowers

You just heard about someone you love losing someone they love, and you want to send some cheap funeral flowers that don’t look or feel cheap. Most people have lost someone close to them and can relate to the grief. One way to show you care is to send sympathy flowers, but you may have gotten short notice and need to send the flowers the same day. This is expensive and outside the budget for many. Fortunately, there are some truly frugal options for funeral arrangements that will save you big bucks.

a pretty, simple arrangement of sympathy flowers for a funeral.

There are two types of events that draw my family, and probably your family together, and those are weddings and funerals. Everyone loves a wedding. They are such joyous occasions. Unfortunately, we have had more than our share of funerals in recent years. I always want to send flowers to let people I love know I care about their loss and I want to remember the person with a funeral memorial. I also know how much it’s meant to me when I’ve lost people I love and someone sends a card or flowers. It’s like a warm hug of flower arrangements.

However, those funeral flowers are expensive, y’all! Sending sympathy flowers is a nice thought, but when you spend $60, $70 or even $80 on flowers and see the tiny little bouquet that gets delivers, it’s downright discouraging. That’s why I why I went on the hunt for a way to save money on funeral flowers, even if I have to buy flowers the same day as the funeral due to short notice.

Cheap Funeral Flowers Tips

  • Go in with another family and split costs.
  • Shop around. Don’t be afraid to ask the local florist to match an online price. 
  • Stop by their home and give them a plant to enjoy. 
  • Make your own bouquet and deliver it yourself (more on this below).
  • Choose something other than flowers.


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I talk about buying gifts and delivering them below. If you want to try this out, I love this memorial garden stone and the stand you can 

purchase to place it on. I make a beautiful bow and add a sympathy card and it looks as though it is a $70 memorial stone from a flower shop.


Cheap Funeral Flowers

My favorite and absolute cheapest way to send flowers to a funeral is becoming my own florist. This is so easy, I don’t know why I didn’t know about it years ago. The only drawback is if the funeral is out of town and you aren’t attending then it is difficult to accomplish this task. However, you may be able to talk another family member into helping you out if you share your money-saving tip.

Choose Funeral Flowers

Your first step is to choose flowers for the funeral. Try to come up with something for the family left behind and not just to suit the person who has passed. Think about the things you’ve appreciated when you lost a loved one. It’s okay to think outside the box here. A warm blanket with a bit of scripture, a beautiful wall hanging, or a memorial stone are all good choices.

Here is the stone I recently bought for $21, added a bow and card to and delivered to the funeral home myself. It looked just as gorgeous as anything else people sent from the flower shops and since the funeral home walked it into the parlor, no one was the wiser.

Image of a funeral memorial stone for same day cheap funeral flower arrangements. Stone has the serenity prayer and a blue bow in upper left corner.
I purchased this stone from a home store for $21. The sales tag was on there with a black stretchy string. I simply removed the tag from the string and added a small sympathy card, which I hole punched in the corner. I then added a pretty blue bow for effect.

Sympathy Flowers from a Flower Shop – Or Are They?

Learning to arrange your own flowers is well worth the effort. You have several options here. If you like to garden and have gorgeous plants and an artistic eye, pick up inexpensive containers at garage sales and thrift stores and make up beautiful arrangements yourself. If you aren’t handy or don’t have a green thumb, then go ahead and go to Walmart or your local grocer and buy a ready-made arrangement. Trust me, it’s still far cheaper than ordering from the flower shop.

Same Day Cheap Funeral Flowers Delivery

Now, here is where the real money savings comes in, and florists are probably going to hate me here, but you are going to deliver the flowers yourself. Worried that someone will see you and think you’re cheap? 

If you live in the same town, most funeral homes have a small door in the back of the building marked “flowers” or “deliveries.” The door tends to stay open to this small room. You simply drop off the arrangement well before any visitation or funeral. I like to do this the day before if possible. 

If you’re traveling away as we did the other day, this is a bit more of a challenge. However, I simply told the gentleman handing out flags that we had something to deliver and where could we put it and he took it for us and took it inside. No one had a clue. 

Cheap? Yes! But, you already knew that about me. That’s why you’re here, isn’t it? You want to save money, too.

Other Ideas for Cheap Funeral Flowers

If the idea of delivering to the funeral home and getting cheap funeral flowers in the process isn’t appealing, there are some other things you can do. Forgo the flowers and donate to a charity in memory of the deceased. If you only have $25 to spend, you can still do something memorable for the family by making a donation. In fact, some people now request this in lieu of flowers.

  • Take the widow or widower out for a special day remembering their loved one. Go to their favorite restaurant, write them name on a memorial wall, visit the cemetery. 
  • Make an online photo album for family and friends to enjoy.
  • Go on a charity walk in remembrance of the person.
  • Write a poem, frame it and give it to the family.
  • Send a card with a heartfelt note.

There are many ways to honor the person’s life without spending a ton of money on same day flowers. Funerals are expensive enough. If you can save a little money, your flowers or whatever show of sympathy you offer will still be appreciated. People tend to remember the time you’ve spent with them more than whether you bought funeral flowers from FTD or delivered cheap funeral flowers to the back door of the funeral home. Honestly, though, they’ll never know you delivered flowers to the funeral home yourself. 

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