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Crabby Housewife was started by Lori Soard. Lori is a freelance writer and editor who has worked at home for more than 22 years. She opened her first site, wordmuseum.com, back in October of 1997. Over the years, she’s started and managed dozens of sites for herself and clients.

Simple Frugal Tips

Lori learned to cook and save money at the knee of her great-grandmother, who’d survived the Great Depression. Saving money runs in her blood. Her father is always seeking out the best deals for everything and saves thousands of dollars a year using coupons and rebates.  Living frugally is second nature to her, so it only made sense when she married and started a home of her own to use the same tricks she’d grown up with.

Money Saving Tips

Neighbors and friends kept asking for advice on how to save money on groceries, how to stick to a budget and she found herself sharing frugal tips and blogs to save money. It made sense to open the Crabby Housewife blog in 2008 and start sharing some of those ideas with others. 

She’s been married since 1990, and in that time learned a few tricks to keep a house and stay sane without going broke. She, along with some other writers, share those tips through this blog.

Here at Crabby Housewife, we want you to feel free to be yourself. Kick off your shoes, pull a chair up to our kitchen table, comment on posts and stay a while. We value your input and hope to make your life a bit easier through money saving tips, frugal cleaning ideas, and shortcuts to saving money.

Information on Lori’s latest books is available at LoriSoard.com.

Our Simple Frugal Tips Team

Lori Soard, founder of Crabby Housewife and expert on simple, frugal money saving tips.
Lori Soard
Founder & Editor

Lori gets a little crabby over having to do basic household chores, which led her to start Crabby Housewife. She shares frugal recipes money saving tips. She’s been a freelance writer, editor and web designer for about 22 years.

Lori’s entire family loves to save money, so she grew up learning frugal tips and knowing how to seek the best deal for nearly anything. She’s been creating cheap and easy recipes since she was a teen.

Sally Painter shares money saving tips, frugal recipes and advice as our staff writer.
Sally Painter
Staff Writer

Sally Painter is a former commercial and residential designer and a Feng Shui practictioner. She has written hundreds of articles on a variety of topics.

She shares tips on saving money by making your food from scratch, cheap decorating ideas and other money saving recipes and advice.