Got Oil Supplies: Loving These Oil Bottles

Got Oil Supplies: Loving These Oil Bottles

Back in May, Got Oil Supplies invited me to try out their amazing essential oil supplies. Since I am a Young Living distributor already (hey! It gets me great discounts and I love the products), I thought this was a perfect fit both for what I do on my own and my blog readers, many of whom are trying to live healthier, more natural lifestyles. 

When my box of goodies arrived, I was thrilled. I love to share oils with other people, and in that batch was what I think is hands-down the absolute best product for anyone wanting to share small liquid samples, such as essential oils, perfume, etc.

got oil supplies sample size bottles
These tiny, adorable and functional roller bottles come in purple, brown and clear and are the perfect size for sharing small samples of oils or blends.
got oil supplies roller bottles
Look at these gorgeous deep purple oil roller bottles.

Testing the Bottles

I received these bottles a while back, but I wanted the time to thoroughly test them. Even though I did receive the bottles for free, my review is completely my own opinion formed after thorough testing of the bottles.


The first test I conducted was on the roller bottles to make sure they wouldn’t leak. These bottles came with a little key to remove the roller and put it back in. I filled one bottle with oil and another with water and placed them in a cloth bag that I didn’t mind if it got messed up.

I did not cap them, but I highly advise doing so. Neither bottle leaked. I tried this for a week without any issues.


My next test involved breakage. These are glass bottles (never put essential oils in plastic), so I wanted to see what would happy when someone clumsy like me drops them. 

I tried dropping them from in front of me and knocked them off the counter and none of them broke on me. I’m not saying they won’t break if they hit the right type of floor at the right velocity. They are glass. I’m saying that the glass is thick enough that they don’t shatter easily.

Roller Performance

My next text involved roller performance. For this test, I used plain olive oil and filled two sizes of roller bottles. I then rolled the oil out on paper towels over and over each day for a total of 14 days. This allowed me to see how the rollers held up over time.

I had no issues here either, with the rollers working perfectly each time.

My Final Thoughts

I truly enjoyed the variety of oil supplies offers at Got Oil Supplies. Not only did they have well made products, but a wide variety of sizes and colors. These are perfect for the person looking to grow their oil distributor business or sell perfumes and things along those lines.

Some of the other items you’ll find at this online retailer include labels, lid stickers, content management systems, diffusers and even essential oil jewelry.

One thing that I really love is that you can purchase a monthly “builder” box for a set rate and you’ll get supplies every month meant to help you further build your business selling essential oils. Each month, the offering may be a bit different, but includes a variety of different things including ideas for recipes. As soon as my budget allows, I’ll be adding one of these monthly subscriptions to my list of must haves. 

Other Uses

My daughter recently started selling Mary Kay, so I asked her to look at the smallest sample size roller bottles to see how she might use them to hand out samples of say a perfume or cologne. She was quite impressed with the quality of the product and plans to order some sample size bottles for just this purpose.

There are likely many other uses for these bottles, but these are a few that I’ve seen. We plan to also order some to make up our Christmas goodies to give away later this year.

Thanks to Got Oil Supplies for allowing me to try out their products. In the process, I’ve discovered a good supplier for something that was hit or miss on Amazon. Now, I have a single resource to go to and get great prices and a high quality product. I hope this helps you as well, especially if you’re selling or giving out essential oil products. 


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