Food Gift Jars

Food Gift Jars

A fun family project during the holidays is to make food gift jars. Let’s face it, in today’s fast-paced world, it’s difficult to find time to cook or bake. This nurturing and healthy artform is quickly being lost in the daily family schedule.

If you aren’t rushing to a business meeting, then you’re driving across town to take your child to a piano lesson or football practice. It’s always something and weekends are generally filled with attending church, temple or other form of worship house. There just isn’t the kind of time your grandmother knew to make good meals or fun desserts. Life is on full throttle with little signs of slowing down.

Simplicity of Food Gift Jars

That’s why a food gift in a jar is an ideal gift that will touch the hearts, but more importantly the stomachs of those on your gift list.

Get the entire family involved. Play Christmas music while you assemble a true holiday gift, the old-fashioned way.

Assembling Attractive Food Jars

There are many types of foods that you can use to create a great food in a jar gift. With each jar, you’ll need to include a large tag with the complete recipe of wet ingredients, instructions for mixing and cooking temperature and time. These include:

  • Cookie mixes in a jar: Fill a mason jar by layering pre-measured dry ingredients for your favorite holiday cookies. Whether it is sugar cookies or chocolate chips include everything but the wet ingredients, such as vanilla flavoring, milk, eggs, etc.
  • Soup mix in a jar: Create a delicious soup mix with
  • Breakfast granola in a jar: Make up your ideal granola breakfast in a jar. Layer rolled oats, shredded coconut, almond slices, dried cranberries, raisins and other dried fruit or oats. Include a packet of honey and brown sugar if desired.
  • Pancake mix in a jar: Another great breakfast in a jar is a pancake mix. You can create this with your favorite pancake recipe or simple measure out a premade pancake mix.
  • Hot cocoa mix in a jar: Layer the right amount of cocoa, sugar and any other ingredients. Don’t forget the marshmallows to top off this tasty drink.
  • Dried bean soup mix in a jar: Choose the type of bean soup you wish to create, such as lentil, red kidney, northern beans, split green pea, etc. Layer dry seasonings, such as powdered onions, garlic (or minced), salt, pepper, basil and parsley. Add 3-5 vegetable bouillon cubes or granulated bouillon layered on top of the bean layers. Instruct to mix with 3-4 jars of water, depending on jar size and size of beans packed into jar.
  • Trail mix in a jar: Create your own special blend of trail mix. Possible ingredients include, coconut chips, dried apple bits, dried cranberries, dried dates, dried bananas, pecans, walnuts, cashews, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chocolate chips, white chocolate pieces, popcorn and/or any other favorites.

Decorate Your Jars

The finishing touches will make this gift extra special. You can use a lid and ring seal or purchase an airtight hinged storage jar. If going with the lid/ring seal:

  • Add a decorative piece of fabric and cut with sewing sheers for a zigzag edging.
  • Place the fabric over the lid and secure with the ring, tightening to seal in the freshness.
  • Tie or hot glue a wide ribbon around the ring and tie a festive bow.
  • Clip the ends of the ribbon at an angle.
  • You can also simply place the fabric over the jar lid and secure with a ribbon tied around it.
  • Don’t forget the recipe tag with instructions and label (you can stick it onto the jar surface). 

Make It Personal

There are many ways you can take this idea further to make it a truly personal gifting to someone you love. Your children will enjoy this gifting project as a way to share part of themselves by creating a food gift in a jar.


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