Budget Keto Grocery List for $70 or Less per Week

Budget Keto Grocery List for $70 or Less per Week

Finding low carb and keto foods isn’t easy during a pandemic. Even during easier times, you may find meats and higher quality food costs a lot more. Because I try to be budget conscious while also eating lower carb—well, not lately, as you can tell from some of my recipes, but normally—I came up with this budget keto grocery list for $70.00 or less per week.

My keto grocery list may look a bit different from yours. I’ve tweaked my eating over the years to include some berries and a few other things. If you are just starting, I recommend you follow your macros very strictly for the best results. Sometimes I hop over to more of a lower carb diet, depending on what is going on. I’m not Miss Skinny, though, so you can take that advice or leave it for you budget keto grocery list.

My goal here is to help you with ideas on how to save money and still eat healthy. I’ve been following some type of low carb eating pretty strictly for about two years now. I lost around 45 pounds and have 25 left. I did only have 20 left to lose, but hubby and I started on the quarantine diet and I gained a few. It basically is a diet where you eat whatever you feel like and bake all the time. ha ha Enough said, I’m back on strict low carb as of this coming week and thus this idea for a keto shopping list for those of us trying to save money.

This list assumes you are just getting started and don’t have butter or keto flour on hand. If you already have some of these items, then your total will be less. Always stockpile things when they are on sale so you can get your budget even lower, too. If chicken is on sale for less than one-third of what you normally pay, stock up with enough for a month or two.

Tips for Creating Your Budget Keto Grocery List

  • Choose only the foods you like. It’s a waste of money to buy something because it’s cheap if you’ll never eat it.
  • Take inventory of what you already have. You’ll find you own many spices and common items. Use those up first.
  • Always include eggs. If you don’t like eggs, teach yourself to tolerate them.
  • Ground beef and ground turkey are some of the least expensive types of meat.
  • Go for whole portions you can divide up, such as a whole chicken or a pork loin.
  • Get vegetables from a local farmers market and grow some on your own.
  • Look for the best price on specialty items, such as almond flour and avocado oil.
  • Not everything has to be grass fed. 
  • Avoid prepared foods. Make your own.
budget keto grocery list
You’ll save money on low carb groceries by buying things in their simplest form and staying away from prepared foods.


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Budget Keto Grocery List

Saving money doesn’t have to be hard, even on keto. Your budget keto grocery list will look like a trek through the perimeter of the store. You need very little in the center aisles, so just avoid them. You can tweak this list to suite your needs.

I also realize prices vary, depending on where you live. Living in the Midwest, our cost of living is fairly low. I do build in a buffer for this of usually $10 per week or so. You should be able to get very close to the amount listed in the title. If you live somewhere with lower prices, you may save more than I did. I listed prices for my store of choice, Kroger, the week I wrote this. Prices will fluctuate. 

How Do You Do Keto on a Budget?

If you’re just getting started you may wonder what groceries you need to buy for keto? One of the most expensive parts of low carbing is getting a stockpile of those items you’ll use frequently, such as almond flour. I have included a small package on this list, but you’ll also want to invest in items such as artificial sweeteners that don’t have a huge glycemic impact.

We all need treats every once in a while. Those on very strict, clean keto will tell you this is a no-no. I will tell you that you should do what you need to in order to stay on a healthy eating plan. If that means an occasion low carb snack or treat, then so be it. Netrition and Amazon both have a nice selection of these items.

Those of you who follow me regularly know I always have at least one leftover day to eat up everything so it doesn’t spoil. The menu below assumes the same breakfast every day and leftovers for lunch. You can adjust as needed.

Also, I’ve added in extra green veggies to the list, even though you won’t see them on the menu. You need to eat about 7 cups of greens a day to get in nutrients. It isn’t easy, but the best way I’ve found to do it is to add some to every single meal, for snacks and then maybe even a green shake each day. You can get frozen kale and spinach for green shakes to keep within a delicious keto budget.

Budget Keto Grocery List Menu for the Week

  • Breakfast Every Day – 2 eggs fried in butter with green peppers, spinach or other vegetable of choice and a piece of keto bread toasted with butter
  • Lunch Every Day – Leftovers from night before
  • Monday Dinner – Grilled chicken breast with skin, salad, high fat dressing
  • Tuesday Dinner – Pork Roast, frozen green beans fried in butter, berries
  • Wednesday Dinner – Ground beef with diced tomatoes and green peppers
  • Thursday Dinner – Chicken Provencal in slow cooker
  • Friday Dinner – Shred leftover pork roast and add sugar free bbq sauce. Serve over keto bread.
  • Saturday Dinner – Egg roll in a bowl
  • Sunday Dinner- Leftovers

Shopping List for Cheap Keto Groceries

  • 2 – 18-packs of large eggs ($1.89 each)
  • butter ($2.50)
  • 4 chicken breasts with skin ($7.10)
  • pork roast ($8.22)
  • 1 pound ground beef ($4.29 each)
  • 4 green peppers ($0.79 each)
  • head iceberg lettuce ($1.39)
  • 1 tomato ($1.00 each)
  • 1 cucumber ($.069 each)
  • red onion ($0.50)
  • containers cheapest berries ($1.99 each)
  • 2 packages frozen kale ($1.00 each)
  • 1 package frozen spinach ($1.00 each)
  • 2 packages frozen broccoli ($1.00 each)
  • 2 packages frozen cauliflower ($1.00 each)
  • Bag of frozen chicken breasts ($7.99)
  • frozen green beans ($1.00)
  • dressing of choice ($1.50)
  • 2 cans diced tomatoes ($0.59 each)
  • SF Barbecue sauce ($3.99)
  • 1 small bag almond flour ($7.99)

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