Your $150 a Month Grocery List and Meal Plan With Recipes

Your $150 a Month Grocery List and Meal Plan With Recipes

What if you could feed your family with a $150 a month grocery list? While it’s a stretch, it is doable. A lot of families are really struggling right now, so figuring out ways to keep the food budget down helps ease some of the worries over money. Eating for $37.50 per week can help you get through a hard time and stay in a strict food budget. You may even have a few dollars left to take advantage of dining deals.

My own grocery budget runs more like $150/week with three adults and a baby in the house. My husband was laid off during the COVID-19 shutdown, though. Since we typically have extra money due to overtime and us both working, that changed on a dime.

I’ve been working hard to get that number down and it made me realize just how hard it is when hours are cut or people laid off in the household. You may also find that people are home more often and thus eating more meals. 

Don’t plan extra meals to accommodate this. Stick to cheap solutions

I hope this list helps you breathe a sigh of relief like it did me. While it isn’t sustainable for months on end, it can get you through tight budget months without starving.

Best Ways to Get to a $150 a Month Grocery List

  • Choose cheaper cuts of meat, such as chicken and turkey.
  • Have at least three meals a week that are meatless.
  • Use eggs and beans.
  • Buy canned and frozen instead of fresh produce.
  • Shop seasonal and sale items.
  • Cook everything from scratch.
  • Look for foods that are filling but cheap, such as rice, beans and noodles.
  • Use every single leftover. Don’t throw any food away at all.
  • Plan your menus ahead of time.
  • Take advantage of any freebies you have access to, such as a community garden or food pantry.
$150 a month grocery list
Grab manager discounted items to save even more on your grocery budget.


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For our 30th anniversary, my husband bought me the Emeril Legasse Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer Combo. Saying I love this machine is an understatement. It does everything from working as a slow cooker to dehydrator. It helps reduce wasted food. If I have apples nearing the peak of ripeness, I can dehydrate them to eat later. It is a big investment, but if you have a special gift occasion coming up, I highly recommend this model. 

I use this kitchen gadget at least four or five times a week.


Your $150 a Month Grocery List

Your first step in planning a $150 a month grocery list is planning out a 4-week budget menu. Here is the one I came up with, but you can tweak to your liking by replacing items with similarly priced products.

I only list dinners and lunches are either leftovers or a simple sandwich. I don’t plan meals for lunches but use whatever is left and on hand. Also, my family is usually out of the house for lunch, so it’s just me and I can eat whatever is quick and easy. Cheap things you can feed your family include boiled eggs, fresh tomatoes out of your garden, peanut butter sandwiches, grilled cheese, salad, leftovers of anything you have. I have even sliced up cheese and fruit for a quick and filling lunch. Use what’s in your pantry or what you find on sale.

I always have a day where leftovers are eaten up, too. This ensures we don’t waste any food. Sometimes the combinations are strange on that day, such as green beans and pears with leftover peanut butter. Also, if I make something like chili, I make a bigger batch. I cook again the next day and the day after we eat the rest of the chili. This way, we don’t get bored with the menu but we manage to save a ton of money. When the kids were younger, I did hodgepodge meals and put different bits of things in muffin tins. It was a fun exercise in using up what we had and they thought it was an adventure.

Week 1 $150 a Month Grocery List Menu

  • Monday – Breakfast casserole and toast (Also check out Cheap Egg Dishes)
  • Tuesday – Bean burritos with tortilla chips
  • Wednesday – Leftover casserole from Monday
  • Thursday – Chili with ground turkey and saltines (makes enough for two days)
  • Friday – Spaghetti with meat sauce
  • Saturday – Chili (already made)
  • Sunday – Leftovers

Week 2 $150 a Month Grocery List Menu

  • Monday – Whole chicken
  • Tuesday – Chicken pot pie
  • Wednesday – Chicken and salad
  • Thursday – Grilled cheese and tomato soup
  • Friday – Smoked sausage and potatoes
  • Saturday – Rice and red beans
  • Sunday – Leftovers

Week 3 and 4 repeat the first two weeks. If you start running out of food and need to shore up your supplies, eggs, rice and beans are the cheapest things you can buy.

Shopping List

Here is a shopping list. Just highlight and print. I’ll list the prices in my area, but of course they may vary. Go to the least expensive source for items.


  • 24 eggs ($1.29 per dozen)
  • 2 blocks cheddar cheese ($1.88 each) *Shred yourself to save money or cut into small dices
  • 8 oz. store brand sour cream ($0.99)
  • 1 gallon milk ($1.29)
  • 1 package sliced American cheese ($1.89)


  • 2 rolls pork sausage ($2.29 each)
  • 2 pounds ground turkey ($3.99 each)
  • 1 pound ground beef ($4.99) *Use half each time, so 1/2 pound in meat sauce. Can also use leftover ground sausage.
  • 2 whole chickens ($5.99 each)
  • 2 packages smoked sausage ($2.69 each)


  • 12 oz. frozen onion/green pepper mix ($1.00 store brand) *You can also chop up whatever veggie bits you have on hand

Canned/Dry Goods

  • 2 cans refried beans ($0.79 each)
  • 2 packages taco seasoning ($0.39 each)
  • 2 packages tortilla chips ($1.00 each)
  • 1 jar salsa ($1.25)
  • 8 cans red kidney beans ($0.79 each) *Note: 1/2 for each week’s meals
  • 2 large cans diced tomatoes (1.00 each)
  • 2 packages chili seasoning ($0.49 each)
  • 1 box saltine crackers ($0.99)
  • 2 boxes spaghetti noodles ($1.00 each)
  • 2 cans Hunt’s pasta sauce ($1.00 each)
  • 2 cans cream of chicken soup ($0.85 each)
  • 2 cans cream of mushroom soup ($0.85 each)
  • 2 cans mixed vegetables ($0.75 each)
  • 1 salad dressing store brand flavor of choice ($1.50)
  • 4 cans black beans ($0.79 each)
  • 1 2-pound package long grain rice ($1.89)
  • 1 can vegetable broth ($0.59)


  • 2 packages burrito size flour tortillas ($1.49 each)
  • 2 Refrigerated pie crusts ($1.79 each) *You can save more and make your crust from scratch
  • 1 package of bread ($1.00)


  • 2 heads of lettuce ($1.39 each)
  • 2 tomatoes ($1.00 each)
  • 2 cucumbers ($0.69 each)
  • 5 pounds potatoes ($2.79)

My total at Kroger according to Clicklist would be just under $95. That still leaves extra for any common spices you might not have on hand or for some extra fruits, veggies and snacks for the month. Buy store brand, buy cheap, buy clearance, be frugal and you can easily utilize a $150 a month grocery list. 

Add in frozen and canned veggies and fruits when fresh is pricey. Buy in season. Get yourself at least one thing you love to eat. 

Budget Recipes for the Month

I’ve kind of adapted recipes over the years to my own liking and you should do the same. Some of them I have on this site, and I’ll link to those for you. For others, I’ll share the original recipe I tried, even though I’ve tweaked it a lot. It will at least get you started. For things like breakfast casserole, I use whatever is cheapest and I have on hand. If I have a bit of turkey lunchmeat getting ready to expire, I’ll dice that up and use it instead of sausage. Using what’s on hand or on sale reduces costs. Also note that any recipes calling for a brand name, I almost always buy the generic instead. 

  • Breakfast Casserole Recipe
  • Bean Burritos
  • Chili with ground turkey (red kidney beans, diced tomatoes, chili seasoning and browned ground turkey)
  • Spaghetti with meat sauce (brown ground beef and add to tomato sauce, boil pasta, enjoy with garlic bread)
  • Roasted Chicken (add salt and pepper and cook in slow cooker for 6 hours on low)
  • Chicken Pot Pie
  • Salad with Chicken (use head of lettuce and sides, add chicken, cut up fruit if you have on hand)
  • Best Grilled Cheese Ever
  • Smoked Sausage and Potatoes (just grill it all up in a pan or boil if preferred – so easy)
  • Beans and Rice

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