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The ClickList Female Revolution

Have you tried Kroger’s new ClickList service? Basically, you choose items online, choose a pickup time, and pull into a bay to pick up your groceries. They load them in your car and you’re...

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Why My Dollar Is Better than Your Dollar

Frugal ideas for saving money and finding bargains. Learn when a dollar is worth more than a dollar, how to use coupons and stockpiling secrets. Here is a question for you: If you go...


We Want to Know What You Want!

Crabby Housewife would like to know what topics and information you’d like to see on this site. Is there a topic you’ve been wondering about? Something you’d like to know more details about? More...

New Project – Save At Least 30% on Food

New Project – Save At Least 30% on Food

These days, we’re all on a budget. Recently, I lost my main egg freelance income and have had to look for additional ways to save money and be more diligent than ever about using...

Cool Savings at the Store

Cool Savings at the Store

I’m always looking for some cool savings at the store. If your household is like mine, the grocery budget is one of your highest bills. Even a modest 10 percent savings can rack up hundreds of extra dollars in our pocket each year.