When the teacher is the agent of change for child’s behavior

Woman on PhoneLouisville has been rife with stories recently about drug busts. Your child may come home and talk about how they’ve searched his school that day with drug sniffing dogs or how fights have broken out. But, what do you do when the teacher phones you because your child is the one who instigated the situation?

Almost every parent has faced this situation at one time or another. Sometimes, the child has done something he or she shouldn’t, but occasionally there is a misunderstanding or personality conflict. So, how do you know when to be concerned and when to gather more information before acting?

  1. Remain calm. It can be difficult to hear something bad about your child. Try to remain calm and hear the teacher out. He or she likely does have your child’s best interests at heart and may see a side of the child you don’t see at home, but an area that needs improvement nevertheless.
  2. Gather details. Get as many details as possible. If you can’t think of what questions to ask at the moment, then ask the teacher when a good time to call her back might be. This will give you time to think through any questions you have or even write them down.
  3. Consider the source. This is where it pays to be involved at your local school. If most of the students dislike a teacher, there is often a reason why. Kids can sense when adults don’t care for them. Although most teachers do teach because they love children, there are a few who do not.
  4. Talk to your child. Don’t jump right into accusations. Instead, ask your child for his side of the story. Then, explain what you and the teacher discussed. Remain calm.
  5. Meetings. Don’t be afraid to schedule a meeting with parent, teacher and student all present. This will help you avoid a situation where a discussion is misunderstood, but it will still allow the teacher to see that you do care about the issues your child may be having. It also allows the student a forum for his voice to be heard.

Good schools and good teachers can make for a wonderful place where the teacher is the agent of change for your child’s behavior. Here are some of the top rated schools in Kentuckiana.

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