Last Minute Science Fair Projects

Popcorn makes an easy project.

So, your child’s science fair project is due in 24 hours and you haven’t even started, so you need a last minute science fair project idea? Here are some quick, overnight projects that can save you when you find yourself in this bind.

  • Popcorn – This is a great science fair project idea. The question is: If popcorn kernels are different temperatures, which will pop the best? You then place three baggies with equal numbers of kernels (yes, you must count them) into the fridge (one), freezer and on the counter. After two hours, pop the kernels and report your findings and why you think you got the results you did. Create a fabulous board and you’re ready to go.
  • Borax crystals – There are many places online to find the recipe for making Borax crystals, so I won’t repeat it here. These can be created in just a few hours and make a fun and interesting project. The main thing with this project is to form a hypothesis, such as “Crystals grow better with a higher concentration of Borax in the solution.” Then, test your theory and report your findings.
  • Dry Ice – Use with adult supervision, but these experiments are really interesting. Find several project ideas at Cool Science Projects.
  • Explore light bulbs and how they work by recreating one of Thomas Edison’s most famous experiments. A video of how to put the experiment together can be viewed at MetaCafe.


For more info: Check with your local library for books on science fair projects for more simple and inexpensive solutions.



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