The Christmas Gift for Housewives

The Christmas gift for housewives
The perfect Christmas gift is different for each wife.

The Christmas gift you want may be different than the gift I want or any other housewife wants, whether she is crabby or not. Since those who work from home spend so much time catering to other people year round, here are some ideas for the Top 5 gifts for housewives this year.

Gift # 5

A night out on the town is the Christmas gift that will create cherished memories. Many housewives spend the entire day caring for young children. Concert tickets to see her favorite band are the perfect gift, but only if you also line up child care and make the evening stress free. If you are her husband, this means calling the babysitter or family and lining up sitters and making sure the kids have pizza or something for dinner and she does not have to cook. Running around and trying to get ready while still taking care of everyday tasks is a recipe for disaster.

Gift # 4

The best family picture ever is another nice gift for Moms. Again, this involves gathering up the children while Mom gets the day off. You do not have to tell her you are getting their pictures. Remember that kids don’t have to be dolled up in the latest frilly fru fru dresses and mini tuxes to look cute. Instead, go for something simple like blue jeans and red shirts or khakis and green tops. The whole clan can add one feature that ties them all together like sunglasses, hats or scarves. Take the time to go to a professional portrait studio. You will spend just a little more, but they will take more time and help you get the perfect picture. Many Meijer stores now have Olan Mills studios. Studios will vary by area. Include a nice frame and your housewife is sure to love this surprise gift.

Gift # 3

Ask other women in the area and find the best masseur around. Purchase a gift certificate so on those days when the housework makes her feel like her back is broken, your crabby housewife can go get pampered a bit.

Gift # 2

Every day of the year, all year long, housewives clean and straighten the house. This tedious work is often unappreciated and is the type of work that is never ending. No sooner do you finish dusting than you have to dust again. No sooner do you finish doing the dishes than there are more to do. On an on, ad nauseam. One of the best gifts you can ever get a housewife is a maid service. If you can’t afford an ongoing service, purchase window cleaning, spring spruce up or a one time house cleaning. If you are on a really tight budget, make up a booklet listing dates and cleaning projects you are going to show up and do for her. Put these on your own calendar so you don’t forget. Some things you could do include: Delivering dinner for the family one night, cleaning windows, cleaning baseboards, renting a carpet cleaner and cleaning her carpets, organizing kids closets or toy chests.

Gift # 1

The number one best gift for her is not a gift at all. Instead it is advice. Never, under any circumstances, even if she says that is what she wants, buy a crabby housewife any gift that is related to housework, cooking or cleaning.
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