Christmas Cookie Fake Out

Christmas cookies
Tucking cookies into a basket can make them look homemade

My fellow crabby housewives out there know that Christmas can mean a lot of added stress to your day. It’s hard to be jolly and want to deck the halls and fa la la when making Christmas cookies, shopping and decorating add even more to your to-do list and exhaust you. That’s why it is important to know how to fake others out.

We all have that friend, the one that is just like Martha Stewart, the one that makes us look like the worst housewives in the world. Yes, you have her name in your mind and you can picture her face right now. You know exactly which friend I’m talking about. She hosts an annual cookie exchange party for all her friends and you have to come up with yet another plate of cookies to take and share. “No store bought cookies allowed! They must be made from scratch.” is printed right on the invitation. You want to go to the party, but it is between little Lauren’s gymnastics class, your son Rick’s basketball game and after a full work week. What is a crabby housewife to do?


Yes, I said it. Fake her out. If she asks for a recipe, tell her it is a secret. It is. Your secret is going to be that you didn’t really make the cookies. Even if she figures it out, she probably won’t call you on it. There are several options when making a fake cookie.

Option # 1

Go to your local bakery and ask if they have any cookies that a little less than perfect that you can have at a discount. Most bakeries have cookies where an edge is broken or perhaps they are a bit misshapen. These look more homemade than the perfectly round cookies on display. You’ll save money and the cookies will look like you made them. You may want to buy a couple of perfect ones to throw into the mix, but that the majority are imperfect is really important.

Option # 2

Grab a package or container at the store and jazz them up. Cookies are easy to disguise or decorate and look like you put a lot of thought into them. Sugar cookies are probably the easiest ones to add icing to. Grab a dozen or so already made sugar cookies, a tube of white icing and some sugar sprinkles or other decor. You can even let your kids decorate them for you as a fun project, just buy extras so they can have a few as well. The great thing about today’s icing tubes is that they come with tips, so you can do different decorations.

Option # 3

If you don’t mind doing a little cooking, but just don’t have time to cook from scratch, you can try grabbing a ready-made package of cookie mix in the refrigerated section of your grocery. Another option is to purchase pre-formed cookie dough from places like Market Day, Sam’s Club and GFS. You can at least bake the cookies, which makes them semi-homemade. That isn’t what Ms. Martha wanted for her party, but you’re a busy gal, so she’ll have to deal. Stay away from cutting out shapes with cookie cutters. That is very time consuming. Stick to basic, round cookies.


Remember that presentation is everything. Even a dozen cookies straight out of the plastic container can look almost homemade if you put them on a fancy plate and string some ribbon around them. Place 12 pre-baked sugar cookies on a plate and drizzle with melted white chocolate tinted red for a really festive touch. Don’t worry about measuring up to your perfect homemaker friend. Christmas is about far more than whether the cookies you brought to the party were homemade or not, and saving your time can help you focus on those more important things, like your children and your family.

Merry Christmas!

Crabby Housewife

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