Crockpot Cooking… Oh Yeah!

Crockpots are the saving grace of busy women everywhere. One of the best things about these wonderful inventions is how easy it is to throw something into the crockpot and let it cook without any food babysitting required from you.

Rival Crock Pot
Programmable Crock Pots Make Life Simpler

This week, our family has an absolutely insane schedule. In addition to work and school, my youngest daughter has three basketball games for her cheer squad, practice, a tumbling class and we have church Sunday and Wednesday. Add to that some activities we have planned with family and friends and it seems like it is going to be a neverending whirlwind. It is during weeks like this that my crockpot gets a lot of use. I love my Rival programmable crock pot, because I can set it to cook on low for a certain number of hours and it then switches to warm until we’re ready for dinner. I truly don’t like eating out every day. It is expensive and unhealthy for my family, so here is the plan:

Monday (Today): Pull frozen beef veggie soup out of freezer and cook on low (from frozen – I just break it into pieces) for four hours and then on warm until we are ready to eat.

Tuesday: Chicken (I also cook this from frozen) and red potatoes. Green beans in a separate crock pot. Did I mention it’s a good idea to have more than one crock pot? You can even cook dessert in these things, if you want to! Imagine leaving in the morning and coming home to a meal with meat, veggies and dessert all ready to serve.

Wednesday: Leftover chicken pieces were torn off the night before and thrown into the crock pot with some chicken broth, carrots, celery and fresh parsley. About 30 minutes before time to eat, I will boil some egg noodles (I like the Amish ones) and throw them into the soup. Add a pre-cooked crusty bread.

Thursday: Pot roast (I cook everything from frozen, it is easier). Pour a can of mushroom soup over and let cook for about 10 hours on low then on warm. The pre-programmable crock pot is perfect for this. You can set to cook on low for a certain number of hours and it will then switch to warm until ready to eat. This avoids overcooking. In my other crock, I will probably cook some corn. I will add a quick salad to this meal as well.

Friday: Leftover pot roast (I may turn it into stew or BBQ)

Saturday morning: Did you know you can also cook breakfast casseroles in your crock as well as oatmeal? There is nothing better than waking up to the smell of homemade oatmeal. Yummy.

Have fun with your crock pot, experiment and then come back and let me know what you’ve discovered that makes your life easier.

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