Cherry Crumb Cake in the Microwave – Yum!

PC deep covered baker
Pampered Chef Deep Covered Baker

Have I mentioned how much I love Pampered Chef? If I wasn’t a writer, I would sell it just so I could get more great products at a huge discount. I truly love most of their items that I’ve ordered over the years and find the recipes I’ve learned at various parties extremely helpful. Most are fairly healthy recipes (not this one, though) and are quick and easy to put together. I actually prefer some of them to eating out, they are so easy. Favorites include skillet lasagna, veggie pizza and Italian pot pie (this one is a new discovery that we love!)

I have to admit that although I bought this deep covered baker ages ago at a good friend’s party, I really hadn’t tested it out much. Other than a couple of quick thoughts to make pot roasts or something simple, I had long misplaced my recipe list and just didn’t bother. I originally bought it on a sort of whim. There were a handful of us at the party, it was used to make a delish Mexican chicken dish and everyone else was ordering one. I gave into peer pressure and ordered one too. I actually kind of thought it was pretty and would be good if I had someone over for chicken or pot roast and didn’t want to mess it up by using it too much. It is a beautiful rich cranberry color.

This past week I attended a launch party for our pastor’s wife, who is starting her own Pampered Chef biz. She will be under the amazing Candy Fox (see my interview with Candy by clicking here). Anyway, I remembered all the neat things this baker could do and that you can use it in the microwave. I got another booklet with recipes and decided to try it out this evening. Instead of making apple crumb cake, I chose to make cherry. My family always prefers cherry to apple.

The recipe was super easy. Empty a can of fruit filling into the bottom of the baker and spread evenly. Top with a bag of dry white cake mix. Melt 1.5 cups of butter and pour over the top of that (I actually substituted with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, which is what I had on hand, and didn’t notice a difference). I also added some walnuts I had on hand (about a 1/2 cup full of nuts) and sprinkle with PC’s caramel sprinkles. Cook in microwave for 15 minutes. Nutrition info: Pretty bad for you, but so good you don’t care.

I chose to leave the lid on, although the recipe said it could be done either way. After 15 minutes, the concoction was bubbly and golden brown and had filled out home with the most delicious smell imaginable. The result was an ooey gooey, bread pudding-like concoction that was rich, satisfying and an instant family favorite. If you don’t yet have one of these bakers, I recommend getting one. The drawback is that cost, but you can easily host a party to cover that expense.

Soon, I will share my experiments with the Italian pot pie recipe and how I’ve adapted it into something my own family loves. It has replaced our Friday night homemade pizza nights it is so yummy.

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