Recovering Info from a Dead Laptop

Yesterday I heard the dreaded crackle, screech pop and then my computer went black. Not good. I knew it wasn’t good and that my computer was likely fried. Blame it on the power surges a few nights previous, taking it on a long trip, hours of endless abuse – none of that was going to bring my computer back from the land of the dead.

Even though I KNOW better, even though I’ve lost important information in the past, even though I thought I was in the habit of backing things up, I hadn’t done it for a few weeks. Of course that meant that were things on my computer that I needed that weren’t backed up, including the church minutes from the last business meeting and the edits on my current novel that I’m trying to rewrite for an editor. Also on that laptop were all the pictures from our vacation which were on FaceBook, but whose quality would suffer. The horror!

I have to admit that I never really thought much about data recovery in the past. After reading up on it online, I decided to try Best Buy and quickly found a case for around $60.00. It should have worked, even though it was costly. It was SATA (most newer laptops are) and 2.5, which was the size of my drive. However, the store was busy as always and the workers were sparse. When I asked one young boy about disk cases, he looked really confused. I was probably calling it the wrong thing. Finally he pointed me to a big shelf of them. I had no clue. I got what I thought would work. I got it home, unscrewed everything on the back of my laptop and attempted to put the hard drive into the case. It wouldn’t fit. I packaged it all back up and returned it immediately, feeling pretty frustated. When it comes to computers I know just enough to be dangerous to the computer and myself.

However, I decided to go ahead and take my hard drive from the dead lap top with me on this outing and run it down to a local computer store called Computers Plus in Clarksville. I could almost hear the angels singing as I entered Computers Plus. Immediately someone came up to help me and I didn’t have to wait for twenty minutes. He knew exactly what I meant when I told him I was looking for a hard disk case to try to recover data and said, “Why don’t we make sure the hard drive is still working first?” So he hooked up some little gadget to one of the computers they have in the store and found out we could easily recover my data.

I sort of winced as he started to install my little drive into a case enclosure, wondering how much it was going to cost me. “So, how much is the disk case?” I asked.

The response? 20 dollars. 20 measly little dollars and I get all my pictures back, the church minutes, all the edits on my book and untold other programs and files that would have been a pain to replace. I also get a nice little hard drive that I can use for other backups. Portable too, so I can backup the church minutes the minute I type them if I want. All this for 20 little ole dollars and he installed it FOR me so I didn’t have to jimmy around with it and figure out how to put it in. Now that is customer service. Color me happy. I think I’m in love with the Computers Plus store. There may be cheaper ways to get a disk case, but I guarantee you they won’t install it for you and make sure it works before you buy it.

If your computer dies and you need data recovery, I recommend trying Computers Plus. If you don’t have one near you, you can try just buying a disk case, but good luck figuring out how to install the hard drive into it. You’ll need the patience of a saint. Here is hoping it doesn’t happen to you.

Crabby Housewife

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