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So, this is a part-business trip mixed with some pleasure, because we are having FUN. In addition to book promotion and such, I have several articles to write and I think the girls and I have finally come up with a book idea. It wasn’t at all what I expected as it is a thriller type story, but hey, you can’t question the creative process.

I have pics posted on Facebook of today’s events (just friend me). Here is our insane schedule:

8:00 a.m. – Get up and go eat Continental breakfast at hotel. Pack everything up and hit the road.

10:30 a.m. – Leave Bellevue, see the world’s largest Lowe’s a Make a Moose Store (Hailey got excited over that one) and head toward Portland/Tacoma. Take several different interstates such as I-90, I-5 and 101.

1:oo ish – Stop in a little town call Sequim that is right up my alley. This town is tourist trap city and boy did I love it. We were only passing through for a soda from McDonald’s and a quick stop to stretch our legs though and then we headed back out.

1:15 – Arrive in Port Angeles. Take a ton of pictures because it’s a gorgeous day with breath taking scenery. Stop in the Visitor Center for a bunch of phamplets. Get back in the car to head to Forks. Caitlin’s excitement is so intense that Hailey and I can feel it coming forward from the back seat in waves.

1:40 – Stop the car for about the tenth time to take more pictures of Lake Crescent. It is so beautiful that pictures will never do it justice. The water is a deep blue and just clean. The whole state is clean. We talk about the signs that say you will be punished if you litter. They are pretty threatening, but seem to work.

2:00 something – See the sign that says Welcome to Forks and get out like dorky tourists and take tons of pictures in front of it. People are looking at us like we’re are annoying and crazy, but we don’t care. We’ll probably take more pictures tomorrow too.

2:30 – Okay, I did get a little lost, but Forks is a small town with a single main street, so after driving past the middle school and high school (small and nothing like the movie school), we come out on the other end of town where we see a visitor center. We go in and snap a bunch of pics. Yay! Other obnoxious tourists here, so we don’t feel quite so conspicous. I get directions to our hotel. We take a pic or two out front with Bella’s truck and we leave.

2:45 – Hotel is nice, staff is great. It is clean and smells better than the hotel last night. We have a fridge and a microwave and a big flat screen TV that is exactly like our new TV at home. There is also a small table and chairs and wireless Internet. Other Twilighters are staying here and the excitement about the evening’s ball at the Twilight Lounge is causing people to chatter and get to know one another. I have to say it reminds me of a Star Trek Convention, only it is almost 100 % women with maybe a reluctant male or two mixed in here and there.

3:00 – We grab a pizza from the local pizza parlor for a late lunch, eat quickly and head up to town to get our Edward Cutout (more on this later in the week). We also buy some postcards (more on this later too!). We meet a local woman at a small store that a lot of tourists are passing by. She is an artist and has some prints for sale. Hailey buys a small one and she admits it is hers and we talk to her a little about art, since Hailey has always loved drawing. Caitlin mentions she takes photographs and we just have a lovely conversation about the area, a little about some of the artwork by a local Indian boy and she gives us some tips on the best tours and places to visit in town. I buy some handmade soap for one of my friends that is made locally and that I think she’ll really like because it smells wonderful.

We’re told about a local auction while we’re in town, but decide to forgo it and instead take our stuff back to the hotel and unload before heading back for the vampire ball. We also want to rest just a little.

7:00 – After booking a tour at Dazzled by Twilight for the next day (there is also a tour offered by the Chamber of Commerce through the local Thriftway), we head down to get in line for the Mitch Hansen Band. Surprisingly, we are the first ones there. We haven’t brought dressy clothes with us and it is a ball, but we are assured by the very nice people who live in this area that we are welcome to attend and there will be others in jeans as well. There are, but there are also gorgeous dresses and of course Edward, Bella, Jacob and Alice look alikes. I think I even spotted Emmet and Jasper at one point.

We made some new friends standing in line waiting to go in named Melissa and Kristina (not sure if I spelled that right). I love these two ladies. They were very outgoing and had on Versace dresses. The dresses were Kristina’s and she loved her dresses and was very proud of them. They were beautiful dresses and the women were decked out. We probably really looked mismatched next to them but they never seemed to notice. They were both very nice to my girls, who warmed up to them more than they usually do to strangers.

They had been to the Twilight Lounge before, so I asked them where the band would be and where we should sit. They told us upstairs. I told them to go in front of us (they were the second ones there) and we would just follow them and then they invited us to sit with them. Why not? Sounded like fun, so we did. (I have a pic of them on Caitlin’s camera, so we will upload that to Facebook soon.)

For some insane reason, the management at the Twilight Lounge thought it was a great idea to serve alcohol while the kids mingled in with everyone. Have you ever known this to turn out well? Some lady was so drunk that she tripped on a step, fell into the table and spilled a bunch of food and a drink toward Melissa. Luckily, most of it missed her and both the lady and Melissa were okay. Kristina rushed over to check on her friend and asked her if the dress was okay. Can you blame her? It was Versace after all? She was worried about her friend too, but she did ask about the dress. We thought it was funny and all laughed about it. Too bad these girls live so far away. I could totally hang with them. They were such fun.

The band was great. Very talented. Good music. If I hadn’t been so tired, I would have enjoyed it more. Hailey got a pic with the Jacob look alike. Well, he was Indian anyway. I think that one is on Caitlin’s camera too. Caitlin got her picture with the band thanks to Melissa and Kristina who walked her up there and asked for her. She was thrilled. They have a better pic they are sending me, but I uploaded a couple to Facebook.

11:00 p.m. – The store realizes that alcohol, people drinking endless alcohol and kids don’t mix and “Oh, we aren’t supposed to have booze and the kids in the same room. Duh!” We get sent downstairs, but they are giving out DVDs early and we just leave. I was a little bummed since we had entered a drawing for baskets and never got to stay for it, but I was tired and ready to go back to the hotel. I thought the night was great except the very end, which was pretty disorganized and chaotic. I mean, did they HONESTLY not realize you shouldn’t serve alcohol around little kids? I think since it was an event for the kids as well as adults that there shouldn’t have been alcohol at all, but what do I know? I’m just a parent with common sense. I do have to say that no one was acting bad. Even the lady that tripped and fell was very nice and kept apologizing. I just think people in this area are truly NICE. They will stop immediately and let you out. Stop and allow you to cross the street. They hold doors. Their niceness rubs off quickly. I wish people acted like this more where I live. I really like the people in this area of our country. They were the same in Seattle.

Okay, now I am finishing this article and getting some rest because at 6:45 I have to get up and get ready for an 8:00 Twilight tour. More tomorrow…

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