Parents Night Out: Sports Bars Indiana

Sports barSouthern Indiana, or the “sunny side” of the Ohio River, as people around here like to call it, probably isn’t the first place you think about when you think about sports. However, for such a small portion of Kentuckiana, there are several top-notch sports bars that will allow you to watch the big game, nosh on delicious food and enjoy an atmosphere of camaraderie and friendly rivalry as people cheer on different teams. A sports bar outing is the perfect escape for overworked and underappreciated parents who want to go out for an evening of fun with friends. While these aren’t always the ideal locations for dinner out as a family, you will see family dining here, so consider taking the kids out for dinner and then sending them off with grandma and grandpa or an aunt while you and your spouse settle in to watch the big game.

Tucker’s American Favorites

Tucker’s is located on State Street in New Albany, Indiana. This sports bar offers a full menu, including a unique take on the Reuben sandwich, using turkey instead of corned beef. Expect to pay around $10 for smaller dishes. According to Tucker’s online menu, the turkey Reuben runs $8.99. Tucker’s also offers alcoholic beverages. You’ll find everything from beer to margaritas.

For the true sports fanatic, the wall filled with big screen LCD televisions is a ball lover’s dream come true. There truly isn’t a bad seat in the house. During big games, the restaurant is filled. Customers cheer with one another and enjoy this fun and friendly atmosphere.

Sam’s Sports Bar

Also in New Albany, Indiana, Sam’s is located off Charlestown Road near Blackiston Mill. Sam’s offers game-type fare such as quesadillas, chicken strips and sandwiches. Prices are comparable to Tucker’s and similar sports-themed restaurants. Sam’s offers a bar area with television screens. The views of the screens are not as spectacular as with Tucker’s, but the atmosphere is slower-paced and friendly. If you’re seeking a sports bar where you can hang out with family and friends and have a discussion at half-time, this is the place.


This sports bar is one of the newer ones in the area. It is located by Greentree Mall in Clarksville, Indiana and on Veteran’s Parkway. The theme is a mascot-style rooster. Staff is friendly and the bar seems fairly secluded and private for the time being. The interior holds screens that can be seen from each direction. If you do not wish to watch the game, there are booths that are situated far enough away from the bar area that you could still have a conversation.

The menu has quite a bit of variety with everything from pizza to chicken fingers to onion rings. Prices are reasonable. Expect to pay between $5 and $7 for an appetizer. You can also buy margaritas by the pitcher and they are tart and refreshing.

If you’re in Kentuckiana, and want to see the big game, any of these sports bars would be an excellent choice.

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