Military mom in action takes kids along to report for duty

Military mom in action takes kids along to report for duty
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Two children will be left without their military mom, if she is called up for duty

For anyone who thinks that military moms spend all their time on rules for the household, you may be thinking of the two terms “military” and “moms” in the wrong way. Military mom can also mean an active officer who is a parent. For those who have served their duty to their country and received an honorable discharge, these military parents’ prayer is that he or she will get to remain with their family.

Military Moms Called Up for Active Duty

Which brings us to Lisa Pagan, national patriot and mom to two children. She served her duty and was discharged honorably, but was placed on ready reserve status. This meant that, at any time, she could be called back up to active duty, a fear of most military parents and of this military mom in particular. When March 1st rolled around, Pagan reported for duty, but with a couple of extra little soldiers in tow.

She has filed request after request for a waiver, because her husband works out of town and she has no one to care for her military children. She is hoping that the military will give her another honorable discharge, but can hardly abandon her children.

Should Military Moms Receive Waivers?

What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you think she’s served her country honorably and is now a mom and should be allowed to stay home without any consequences? Or, do you feel she signed up to be a trained soldier and should do what her country asks of her? Thoughts? Please post your comments below.




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