The Bachelor spoilers indicated an upset, but are these kinds of shows ruining our children’s future?

The Bachelor spoilers indicated an upset, but are these kinds of shows ruining our children’s future?
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Viewers around the nation wondered what the outcome of this season’s The Bachelor might be after Bachelor spoilers indicated an upset. Those who were fans of Melissa cheered over Jason Mesnick’s choice at the final rose ceremony. Those who were fans of Molly were hurt for her and understood her confusion. However, fans of both Melissa and Molly (as well as all the women around the globe in love with Jason) were shocked as he ditched Melissa and ran back to Molly’s arms on national television no less.

The bloggers have been chattering ever since and most of it doesn’t bode well for Jason and Molly and how people view this couple. Odds are definitely stacked against them if chit-chat from Bachelor Nation is anything to go by.

The Bachelor: Team Melissa

My teen daughter was rooting for Melissa and quite happy over the fairy tale ending. However, Jason’s fickleness, as she put it, “was a jerk move.” However, she didn’t seem surprised and I wondered at her seeming lack of shock. Have we shocked our children to the point that shocking things are no longer shocking? Have too many seasons of American Idol, The Bachelor and True Beauty created a world where anything goes and there are no set in stone rules, like one man and one woman forever? Time will tell. The best we can do for now is to talk to our children and keep them informed about the difference between right (not breaking up with your fiance on national television is the right thing to do) and wrong (not only ditching your fiance in front of millions of viewers, but taking up with the other girl is wrong, just in case you were wondering.).

What do you think about this season of The Bachelor?

Post your thoughts in the comments block below. Was Jason’s decision to ditch Melissa after six weeks and take up with Molly:

  1. A jerk move!
  2. Right, because he was just following his heart.
  3. He should have handled the break-up more privately and with more class.
  4. Other?


How much impact do shows like this have on our teens?


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