Review: The Judds (Ashley, Wynonna and Naomi Judd) Back in Kentucky Family Friendly Show

Judds in concertOn December 3, 2010, The Judds performed their The Last Encore show in the new KFC Yum Center in downtown Louisville, Kentucky. Originally from Kentucky, the Judds put on a memorable, and emotional, performance for their “Juddhead” fans. The show lasted about two and a half hours, and movie star sis Ashley Judd was in attendance and waved cheerfully at the crowd.

The show was surprisingly family friendly. I had two teenagers with me, who had never before heard of The Judds. As Wynonna came out on stage and immediately captivated the audience with her amazing, powerful voice. My fourteen-year-old daughter and her friend, who were not all that thrilled about going to see a “mom and dad band” suddenly sat up and took notice. I heard my daughter say, “Wow!”

As Wynonna and Naomi worked their way through songs like “It’s a Girls’ Night Out”, “Rockin’ With the Rhythm of the Rain” and “Mama, He’s Crazy”, the girls began to sing along.

“I know these songs,” my daughter said. A few minutes later, the girls asked if we could buy some CDs.

I suspect that Naomi and Wynonna will gain many young fans through parents taking their kids to the concert.

After a short intermission, Wynonna began to sing some hymns and Christian songs. She also took a few minutes to share her personal testimony. This was a powerful moment and something we really didn’t expect from the concert. It was a pleasant surprise as she sang “How Great Thou Art” with her bluesy, smooth tones. She and Naomi finished out the night by singing “Silent Night” in respect for the holiday season and then went through the song a second time with the audience singing. As the beautiful words written so many years ago by Father Joseph Mohr filled the stadium, there were few dry eyes in the house. It was an intense moment of thousands of people coming together to praise God and thank him for giving us great entertainers like the Judds.

Overall, the show was perfect for a family night out and reminded us all of what it was like in the 80s, when things were just a little simpler and we first discovered the husky tones of Wynonna and the sweet nature of Naomi.

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