Crabby Housewife Goes on Vacation

So, my husband and I gave our girls a trip to Forks, WA for Christmas and this is the week we head out. Unfortunately, hubby has to work and can’t come with us this time, but we plan to have fun anyway. Since Delta changed the time of our flight and it is now leaving at 8:15 from Indy (which is two hours from where we live), we decided to spend the night in a hotel. The drive up was boring as usual. Tons of flat farm land, a bunch of cows and corn that hasn’t been completely tilled under from last fall.

I booked the hotel because we got a discounted rate for parking there for the week. I was a little worried about what it might be like, but this hotel is fancy schmancy. That is one of our beds. There were EIGHT pillows on it and a little goodie bag. The goodie bag has lavender sheet spray, a face mask and ear plugs.

Hailey and I made our way down to the indoor pool after I battled a razor I obviously didn’t pay enough for and tried to work through the growth that always gets too long in the winter months (aka, I haven’t shaved in over a week). Not one other person was in that pool. It was heated, clean and quiet. We swam for about an hour and then came back up to the room. The Internet works flawlessly, we have a nice flat panel LED television and the girls have already conked out.

One thing coming back to my hometown of Indy always reminds me is that I’ve become a small town hick in the last five years and I’m rather proud of it. When I first moved to southern Indiana, the people there would ask me where I was from. Now, the people in Indy ask where I’m from because I have a southern accent. I guess I’ve acclimated to the south and am now a true southern belle.

Tomorrow morning we leave the hotel at 6:30 for the airport and will be traveling to Seattle. I should have pictures and details tomorrow evening. Nothing particularly funny or strange has happened yet, but we’re talking about my family, so you can be sure it will. Edward is sure to turn up at some point, so stay tuned…

Crabby Housewife

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