Fastest Chicken Fajitas Ever Recipe

Fastest Chicken Fajitas Ever Recipe

Have you ever had one of those days where you just don’t have time to put a full-blown meal together but you’re tired of eating out? Having fast options can mean the difference between eating a greasy bag of fries or feeding your family something a bit more nutritious and filling.

More often than not, it seems like most of my days are filled to hilt. For example, today I had to get the dog to the vet by 2:00. After that was finished and I took her home, I had to help my husband drive to drop off daughter’s car for a minor fix. Then, we needed to stop by Walmart for some pet supplies. By the time we made it home, it was already five o’clock.

Dinner Rush

We tend to eat dinner early in our home, but even if you eat late, there are likely days when you’re exhausted or tight on time. Having some recipes handy that you can throw together FAST can mean the difference between a healthy meal for everyone or pure junk. Not that I’m knocking junk. There is a time and place for that kind of dinner.

One of the keys to putting a fast meal together is having the ingredients on hand to throw something together. With that in mind, this recipe uses mainly frozen products or products that will keep for a long time without spoiling with one piece of fresh produce (a lime). If you don’t have a lime, don’t stress. Use a lemon or just skip that ingredient altogether.

Fastest Chicken Fajitas Ever Recipe
Total Time
15 mins
Serve in tortillas, crunch taco shells or eat on its own. Top with cheese and salsa, if desired.
Servings: 8 servings
Author: Crabby Housewife
  • Bag of frozen shredded chicken sometimes called pulled
  • Bag of frozen green peppers and onions
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • 1 lime optional - may sub lemon
  • Bag of tortillas
  • Shredded cheese any - cheddar, Mexican, mozzarella - whatever is on hand
  • Salsa optional
  1. Pour olive oil in skillet and set to medium heat.
  2. Open bag of frozen onions and peppers and pour into the preheated oil.
  3. Cook for four or five minutes until veggies start to thaw.
  4. Open bag of shredded chicken and add to the skillet.
  5. Cut lime in half and squeeze both halves into the skillet.
  6. Cook until chicken is thawed and everything mixed together.

Fast Meals Make Life Easier

Let’s face it. We live in a busy world. The ability to eat fast and keep moving is vital on the busiest of days.

With just a bit of preplanning, though, and keeping frozen ingredients on hand, you can throw a meal together as fast as you can zip through a drive-through restaurant.

I actually had quite a bit of chicken fajita meat leftover, so I’m going to experiment with a tortilla soup recipe later in the week. Stay tuned for details…

Crabby Housewife

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