Best Hairstyles with Bangs – Cover a Frown or Show Off Your Eyes

Best Hairstyles with Bangs – Cover a Frown or Show Off Your Eyes

Thinking about adding a hairstyle with bangs for the new year? Fortunately, bangs are almost always in style and look good on most face shapes. The trick is to find the best bangs hair style for your particular features. Here are a few hairstyles that look good with bangs.

Hair Styles for Bangs

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Model: Hailey Soard Copyrighted image used with permission.

Some hairstyles just seem to segue more easily into bangs than others.

  • Bob: The bob is a hairstyle that never seems to be out. There may be variations on the bob, such as razored ends, layers, tapered around the face, but the style itself is timeless and easy. The bob works well with side-swept bangs.
  • Short: Extremely short and spikey hairdos can be softened with a fringe of straight bangs. Cut them a bit shorter than normal, if you’d like, to match the shortness of your hair.
  • Long: Long hair looks good with straight bangs cut across the brow. The key with long hair and bangs is to not go too short, because the difference will be so drastic that it looks angular.

Types of Bangs for Face Shape

Once you’ve decided that you’d like to wear bangs, deciding which bangs style to wear is your next hurdle. Once you’ve decided what type of bang looks best with the length you want your hair, there are many other style considerations. For those with:

Round Faces

Straight bangs may make your face look fuller. Instead, opt for a side part in your bangs and wear them a bit longer. This will soften your face and draw the attention up and over instead of to the roundest part of your face.

Long Faces

Bangs that hit at your brow line can create an illusion and make your face seem shorter. Straight across is fine for this face shape, but keep the bangs softer with some fine layers.

Square Faces

Soften the angular lines of your face by utilizing just a few wispy bang pieces. Pieces can be varying lengths and it is okay to go below the brow line a bit as long as the pieces don’t interfere with your vision or irritate you. A side-sweep with the bangs can also work well for this face shape.

Oval Faces

A truly oval face is considered the perfect shape, but few people actually have this shape. If you are one of the lucky ones with an oval shaped face, then wear your bangs nearly any way you’d like. You might even tease them up like the 1980s and wear them big and feathered into place for a unique look.

Heart-Shaped Faces

Stick with side swept or wispy bangs for the best balance to a pointy chin. The one thing you want to avoid is a straight line across the top of your forehead or too high bangs as this can make your chin look pointier or your forehead look huge.

Get Inspired by the Stars

Celebrities with bangs abound. The list changes from year-to-year as different stars try different looks, but a few of the stars who’ve worn bangs over the years, according to sites like Total Beauty and InStyle include:

  • Liv Tyler
  • Naomi Watts
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Eva Mendes
  • Cameron Diaz (notice her long, side-swept bangs)
  • Hayden Panettiere

Celebrities are often on the cutting edge of hair style trends, so keep an eye out for bang style ideas when you’re watching the stars stroll down the red carpet.

Bangs Instead of Cosmetic Surgery

Have a few wrinkles forming across your forehead? Adding a fringe of bangs can help hide those wrinkles. A frown line between your eyes can also be an excellent form of camouflage and is definitely cheaper than a face lift or Botox injection, not to mention less complicated. If your hair is thinning along your hairline, then bangs can help hide thin spots.

Growing Bangs Out

hailey soard model
Model: Hailey Image licensed, used with permission

If you have had bangs and want to either grow them out completely or just longer for a different bangs look, there are a few things you can do to help the transition process as your hair grows.

  • First, hire a good hairdresser who understands the best way to let hair grow and keep it healthy.
  • Slick strands that are in your eyes back with some hair gel and hairspray in place.
  • Use clips and bobby pins. There are many pretty options on the market and available at nearly any retailer these days, including clips with small jewels.
  • Invest in a simple headband that blends in with your hair color.
  • Curl your bangs so they stay out of your eyes.

A Bang Up Decision

If you do decide to get bangs, keeping them trimmed regularly will help you keep that fresh out of the salon look. A quick visit every couple of weeks for a touch-up can help, or talk to your stylist about small snips you can do in between hair cuts to keep your bangs in shape. Most stylists understand that clients don’t want to visit every week or two just to have bangs trimmed and will work with you on the best way to tame them between cuts without completely butchering your hair cut. This also makes the stylists job easier when she cuts your hair again.

Enjoy your new bangs. You’ve chosen a style that many other women have chosen before you, yet your bangs will look unique on your face.

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