Crafts for Kids: Dog Crafts

puppetNext time a rainy day strikes and you’re looking for a way to pass the time, pull out craft ideas to keep the entire family entertained. Dog crafts for kids can include such projects as dog puppets, dog ears and small dog toys. These activities are appropriate for most ages, although younger kids may need just a little supervision, and require inexpensive materials to complete.

Dog Mask

Create a dog mask from materials you likely have on hand. Use such items as a paper plate and pieces of construction paper. and offer patterns that can be used to make dog masks.

Provide children with different colors to choose from, even if they aren’t normally found on dogs. This encourages kids’ creativity. It also makes it easier to use items already in the home, such as wrapping paper, tissue paper and scraps of material.

Dog Puppets

Use extra socks or paper bags to make dog puppets. LoveToKnow Crafts offers some great ideas for creating puppets with socks or find detailed directions on making a paper bag dog puppet at Kaboose. These resources are both listed below. You’ll want to gather such items as googly eyes, glue, paper bag or socks, markers, felt and scissors.

Dog Toys

Teach your child how to make a small dog toy craft with pom-poms and chenille stems. Not only does the craft activity itself keep the child occupied, but when the craft is finished there is a toy that the child can play with.

For each dog that you wish to make, gather pom poms in assorted sizes, chenille stems, glue, ribbon and googly eyes. There are many sites that offer details on how to make dog pom pom toys. There is one listed in the resource section with particularly easy directions, but you’ll find many more directions on eHow and other sites around the Internet.

Younger Kids and Small Pieces

Many of these crafts call for small pieces, such as googly eyes and pom poms as well as the use of scissors. Use caution when completing these dog crafts with small children and always provide adult supervision to be on the safe side.

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