Casual Beach Wedding Dresses

Casual beach wedding dress
Casual beach wedding dress

Looking for casual beach wedding dresses that won’t break the bank? Think simple, think unique, think breezy. Whether you choose a more exotic location for your wedding, like Fiji, or you prefer to stay close to home, there are many benefits to a beach wedding.

Casual beach wedding dresses are easy to find and can look great in pictures. If you’ll be wading in the weaves at all, you won’t want a full length dress, but something that hits just below the knees. This will allow you to wade into the surf without ruining your dress with salt water stains.

Here are a few other tips for casual beach wedding dresses:

  • Choose a light material, such as silk or cotton. If the day is warm, you don’t want to look wilted.
  • Keep hair and accessories simple. Heavy veils don’t work well outside, especially on windy days. Simple white flowers woven through your hair or small clips typically work best for outdoor weddings.
  • Dare to wear a different color wedding dress. White may be traditional, but there is no rule that says the bride must wear white. A simple dress in coral or ocean blue may suit the beach wedding theme nicely.

There are many places you can find simple beach wedding gowns. Here are a couple of wedding dress boutiques both in and around Louisville as well as globally:

  • Bridal Warehouse – in Louisville. This store has a huge selection of wedding dresses, including many casual pieces
  • – a great place to begin your search for the perfect dress.

Don’t rule out places like secondhand stores and Ebay. You can often find just what you are looking for at a fraction of the price. If you order online or through a catalog, it is better to order a size bigger than you think you need. It is much easier for your seamstress to take off material than to work on a dress that doesn’t have enough material and alterations will cost you less.





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