Why I Ditched Dish and My Netflix Obsessions

Why I Ditched Dish and My Netflix Obsessions

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Recently, we decided to go ahead and get rid of satellite. I was already furious at Dish for the whole Fox News debacle, among others. Our bill kept growing. While we started with a smallish bill, it quickly rose to $105/month. We had no movie channels like HBO and we only had the boxes on two TVs.

When they pushed through an update that messed up our guide and we could no longer access any of our recorded shows, we called to try to fix it. My husband spent over an hour as the girl obviously read through a script of questions and had no clue how to fix it.

This is not the first time we have run into this problem with Dish. Finally, we decided we would just cancel it and save over $1200/year. We reasoned we could easily live without satellite. We used Netflix most of the time anyway. It was going to be a challenge to give up a few favorite shows like Property Brothers and Dance Moms, but we knew with time we would forget those shows or they’d be cancelled anyway.

Our Satellite Free Living Experience

It took nearly 40 minutes of arguing to get Dish disconnected. My  husband put it on speaker so I could listen to the hassle he was going through trying to cancel. Now, I can understand Dish offering a discount to stay with them. I don’t blame them a bit for offering once or even twice to try to get someone to stay.

That is not what this was. What they were doing constituted harassment. Even after my husband stated, “Buddy, I just want to cancel. There is nothing you can offer me to stay. I’ve said no four times now. Just cancel the account,” the man kept going.

I finally told the guy who was refusing to cancel that I was pulling up review sites on my computer and was going to start typing up negative reviews about Dish and that I type fast at about 120 wpm. Yet, he still kept on. So, I said, “There’s one bad review.” I wrote three reviews before he finally cancelled us. Ridiculous. If I ever get satellite again, you can be sure it will never be Dish.

So far, we are enjoying Netflix and Hulu Plus. We’ve found several shows that we like to watch, such as:

  • Gray’s Anatomy (rediscovered this one as I’d lost track of it while it was new on TV after about the first season)
  • 90210 (the new one – loved the old one)
  • Secrets and Lies
  • Revenge

There are many others, but we’ve taken to choosing shows with at least several seasons already on the streaming companies as we can then binge watch the shows. This is a much better way to watch a show and you pick up a lot more than when you’re waiting a week or more for the next episode.

Do We Miss Dish?

For me, I can say I don’t miss it one bit. It went out every time it rained. The updates always messed up my box. The box had to be replaced at least once a year and I’d lose all my recordings anyway. In fact, I really prefer regular TV with Netflix and Hulu. I would never hook up satellite again.

My husband misses being able to download shows to his phone or iPad and have them to watch later. We are looking into solutions for this. Tivo has a box you can buy that allows for this, we think, but it is $14.99 a month. We’re trying to save money not spend more, so still deciding if it is worth it. Plus the box is $199.99 to buy.

We’re saving over $1200/year. Not sure if you caught that. Even if we were at an introductory rate (which we all know creeps up quickly), we’d pay around $500 a year. Netflix and Hulu cost us about $14.00 a month for both. That’s $168/year. We’re saving a lot of money.

You know me. I’m a lot less crabby when I save money. However, you have to decide if satellite or cable is something you can live without. If your contract is up, you might want to give it a try. What do you have to lose? You can always sign back up for one of their services and probably get a better deal for being a “new” customer.

What do you think? Have any of you tried going without cable/satellite? Do you think we’re crazy? Maybe you think we’re geniuses. Share your thoughts in the comments below along with any tips you have for saving money on cable/satellite.

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