Review of the BobSweep Automatic Vacuum

Review of the BobSweep Automatic Vacuum

For the last 10 years, I’ve wanted a robotic vacuum that sweeps you house and plugs itself back in. After discussing it with my husband, I refrained from buying one when we moved here. The kids were still little and keeping the clutter up so the little robot could do its job seemed impossible.

Fast forward to present day – my children are grown, the clutter is easier to keep picked up and I just purchased the Bobsweep.

Does It Clean?

One of my biggest concerns with the Bobsweep was whether it would do what the advertising said it would do. The one I bought was specifically for pet hair. I have a little dog and two cats indoors full time. That means that there is always pet hair to clean up.

Surprisingly, after a week of using Bobsweep, my floors are clean – even in the hard-to-reach corners.

Programming the Vacuum

I was pretty disappointed in the literature that came with the vacuum. I’m a visual learner. I learn to use things best when there are instructions that are easy to understand. However, I found the printed instructions quite lacking.

Fortunately, the manufacturer has videos on the website that explain everything. I was able to watch those and figure out how to program the clock and schedule the vacuum.

How Loud Is a Robo Vacuum?

Bobsweep can be pretty loud at times. It doesn’t really bother me when it is in another room, but when it comes into the family room and I’m watching television, I can’t hear the TV. While the vacuum doesn’t stay in here long, it is loud.

However, it isn’t any louder than a regular vacuum cleaner. I mean, it does need to have some suction to pick up debris. The main drawback I can see is that you really don’t want this thing going off in the middle of your sleep cycle because it will wake you up.

How Does Scheduling a Robot Vacuum Work?

My husband works odd hours that can change on a dime if he needs to work overtime. I didn’t want the vacuum going off while he was trying to sleep. You have several options with this vacuum.

  • Turn it on yourself and give it a cycle to complete, such as starting in a small circle and getting bigger, or (my favorite) having it do the walls and corners and then the inside portions of the rooms.
  • Schedule it to run at a specific time each day on specific days of the week. This is the setting I chose, although I also have experimented with the one-off cycles and using the remote to drive it where I want it to go as it kept missing one room in the back of my house. Once I drove it back there, it now cleans that room. Go figure.
  • Schedule it to run when it recharges.

How Often Do You Empty the Debris from Bobsweep?

The instructions said to empty and clean the holder once a week. At first, I emptied it after two days. It was pretty full, but my floors were also pretty dirty when it started. Now, I am guessing once a week will be fine as I only have it set to run five days a week and to take a break on the weekends.

I am sure the amount of traffic and pets/people you have in your home impacts this. Also, you will want to use the little brush that comes with the kit to clean the filter thoroughly.

Do Robo Vacuums Get Caught on Stuff?

So far, the only issue I’ve had with it is getting cords caught up. We had some small electronics cords on the floor, such as a cell phone charging cord. Bobsweep started sucking that cord in. I tucked any cords under furniture and out of the way, or I blocked access.

I don’t really see this as a drawback either, since regular vacuums do the same thing. However, I would be a little leery of leaving Bobsweep to run when I’m not home for a couple of reasons.

  • The cords are a concern. I do think the vacuum would shut itself off if there were a serious issue, but I don’t want it to get torn up or the cords to get torn up.
  • I don’t trust other people to keep everything picked up for him to sweep safely.
  • I have a six-month-old kitten that loves to chase Bobsweep and drive him crazy. She jumps in front of him and tries to grab the sidesweeper arms. This makes Bobsweep thing there is a wall or object there and he reverses direction. She then runs to the other side and confuses him more. I have started putting her in a closed-off room while he sweeps. This is for her safety as well as Bob’s.

The Bottom Line

I love Bobsweep. My floors are so clean right now. I have pretty much eliminated a big chunk of a household chore that I hate. It saves me time.

However, if you live in a home with a lot of clutter, people who don’t pick up their clutter or big pieces of debris, this vacuum probably won’t work for you. The cost of the sweeper might seem a bit prohibitive, but it really is comparable to other vacuums on the market and you’ll save yourself a lot of work.

I like the Bobsweep. Now that I’ve had one, I really can’t imagine only having a traditional vacuum again. If only they’d invent something to automatically dust and wipe everything down, I would have it made.

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