Vanilla Ice Cream Sundaes at Home Save Money

Ice cream sundae
Sundae glasses make homemade ice cream seem special.

Vanilla ice cream sundaes at home save money over buying ice cream for everyone at your local ice cream shop. I may be a crabby housewife, but I’m also a frugal housewife. I often look at how much can be saved by altering simple everyday events. Tonight, I ran up to McDonald’s and grabbed everyone ice creams (sundaes and McFlurries). While the price wasn’t horrendous (just over $6.00 for all four of us), it reminded me how much can be spent stopping at Dairy Queen or the local Chillers when it is open for the season.

How Vanilla Ice Cream Sundaes at Home Save Money

While my McDonald’s jaunt was actually very inexpensive, a trip to Chillers or DQ is not typically so. We can easily spend $15.00 with four of us. If your family is bigger, a trip for ice cream may just be out of the question for you.

Vanilla ice cream sundaes at home save money and allow you to have treats several times. Here is a breakdown of how they save money:

  • You can catch a gallon of vanilla ice cream on sale (or use a coupon) for around $2 or $3.
  • Limit yourself to one or two toppings to keep the event frugal. Toppings can usually be found on sale for about $1.50 each or you can use a coupon. Keep in mind that the initial output for supplies like toppings may be costly, but you can use these toppings for several sundae events.
  • If you must have whipped cream, go ahead and buy a can or make your own.
  • Cherries on top are optional. Again, this is an item that can be used several times.

For about $6 to $8, you will get all the supplies you need to make sundaes at least twice.

Ideas to Make Homemade Sundaes Special

There are several ways you can make homemade sundaes seem as special as those restaurant treats. First, you could buy old fashioned soda glasses to put the sundaes in. These can be purchased online, at stores like Old Time Pottery or found at local thrift stores.

Another way to make the event special is to buy a bigger container of ice cream and allow your children to invite their friends over for an ice cream social (if you have teens, stock up on lots of ice cream). Long after the ice cream fills their tummies and the leftovers melt away, your kids will remember the time and effort you put into making the moment special.

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