Lazy Mom’s Valentine’s Day

Valentine's candy hearts
Valentine's is about a memory, not homemade items.

The lazy mom’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t consist of homemade Valentine’s cards or sugar cookies made from scratch. What busy mom has time for that type of time intensive labor? However, you can still create special memories with your family – the easy way.

Lazy Mom’s Valentine’s Day Cookies

Although my girls are teenagers now, one thing that we’ve always done together is make cookies for each holiday. When they were little and I was still pretending to be Martha Stewart, I would make homemade sugar cookies and icing and we’d roll out the dough, cut out the shapes and ice the cookies. Of course, there had to be several colors of icing, so the cleanup from the cookie making alone took up quite a bit of my time.

It didn’t take me long to realize that they didn’t care if the cookies were homemade. They just enjoyed the tradition, the time together, the moments laughing as we ate the cookies and drank milk afterward. I then turned to two options that have saved me a ton of time as a work from home mom.

  1. Buy refrigerated, pre-made sugar cookie dough. Roll it out and cut out shapes. Ice with store bought icing (you can even buy it in multiple colors, if you want). This saves some time, but still creates some mess and such. However, the cookies do have a more “homemade” feel to them.
  2. Buy the pre-cut cookies from the store that have designs already in them. Pop them in the oven and don’t ice them. This is the simplest solution and still creates a fun cookie making memory.


Crabby girls, I have a theory that the reason we are all so crabby is because we try to take on impossible tasks that will never be completed. We have these visions of beautiful homemade cards with lace, handwritten verses and pretty pink bows. Yes, those cards are lovely, and I truly envy women who create them, but you and I both know that most of us just don’t have the time.

Don’t drive yourself and your kids crazy over this. Take them to the store and let them pick out a fun box of Valentine’s cards to pass out to their friends. The ones that come with candy are always popular. I promise you that you’ll save everyone a lot of stress. You can make it an outing and stop for ice cream or make a trip to the library.


Remember that holidays and childhood is about memories. Memories are about feelings. In 20 years, it will not matter whether you bought a store package of cookies or you painstakingly rolled them out by hand. What your children will remember is that you always made cookies for them each holiday and the laughter you shared in the kitchen. You’ll have a lot more of those lighthearted moments, if you’re less stress. Your children will have a lot more memories to pass down to their own little ones some day.

Enjoy your lazy mom’s Valentine’s Day. Use the time you save to invest in your children and you’ll never regret the choice. Take that, Cupid!

Crabby Housewife

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