Thunder Over Louisville

Thunder Over Louisville
Thunder Over Louisville
Every year, Louisville puts on an amazing fireshow right over the Ohio River.

If you are a visitor to the Louisville area, a new resident or you’ve lived here your entire life, you won’t want to miss the annual Thunder of Louisville. Now is the right time to start planning your trip to the next Thunder of Louisville event. You’ll witness an amazing light show filled with fireworks, water, street fair atmosphere and fun.

For the best view, you may want to purchase tickets at one of the waterfront restaurants or hotels along the Ohio River. You can choose either the Louisville side or the Indiana side of the river for an excellent view.

Some folks claim that the Louisville side is more exciting, while others claim that the Indiana side, also known as the “Sunny Side of the River”, can’t be beat. The decision may come down to your destination after the show. Indiana residents may want to stay on the Indiana side, where backroads can be taken to get to your destination and you don’t have to wait for authorities to open the bridge back up. However, if you are a guest of Louisville or live in Kentucky, then it might be better to stay on that side.

If you are traveling to Thunder with small kids, you’ll want to be sure to plan ahead for a long wait for the show. You’ll have to get there early, so you’ll want to take along portable games, snacks, plenty of refreshments, seats and sunscreen. Plan for the weather. If it is going to be chilly, take blankets, jackets and gloves. Even if the day is warm, the temperature may drop as the sun sets, so be prepared. There is nothing more miserable than waiting six hours for a fireworks display only to hear your children whine all the way through it because they are cold or hungry. Trust me, it is also miserable for the people around you.

Plan ahead, have fun and enjoy the show!

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