St. Patrick’s Day lyrics will be heard at parade in Louisville

Luck O’ The Irish

If you love St. Patrick’s Day lyrics; will be heard at the parade in Louisville this March. Although the date varies, depending upon when St. Patrick’s Day falls each year, local Louisvillians gather on Baxter Avenue to cheer in St. Patrick’s Day with lyrics from favorite Irish songs. In fact, this year’s theme is Wild Irish Rose, from a song of the same name.

The festivities actually start well before the day of the parade, with floats being created and celebrations such as the “Wearin’ O’ the Green” party on March 7th. Some events may be more family friendly than others (you may want to avoid anything specifically geared around alcohol for example), so use your best judgement. Here are some of the events that occur from year to year:

  • Blessing of the beer and keg tapping
  • Annual Parade
  • St. Patrick coloring contest
  • Awards for Irish person of the year
  • Hibernian princess contests
  • Irish idol (this summer)

For further details, visit the Hiberian website at

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