Tabloids Say Kate Gosselin Is Cheating – What Moms Have in Common with Star of Jon & Kate Plus 8

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The tabloids say Kate Gosselin is cheating – what moms have in common with star of “Jon & Kate Plus 8” might surprise many.

Kate Gosselin is a registered nurse, but has chosen to stay home and raise her children, something many moms opt for, especially while their children are small. Although the family has put their life out there in the public eye, and brought a lot of attention on themselves, the star of Jon and Kate Plus 8 is still a wife and mother like any other, who is also dealing with accusations and rumors that her husband may be cheating. Certainly the emotions she is facing are similar to what any wife and mother would face under similar circumstances.

Kate Gosselin – Cheating

You may be asking, “Is Jon Gosselin cheating on Kate?” The simple answer is that there is no clear cut answer. Kate has promised that the issue will be aired out on the new season of “Jon and Kate”, which airs May 25th. Now, rumors are flying that Kate is cheating on Jon with a bodyguard. Viewers have to assume that this issue will be discussed on the show as well.

So, if the rumors are flying that Jon Gosselin is cheating, the tabloids say Kate Gosselin is cheating, what do moms have in common with the star of Jon & Kate Plus 8? More than you might think.

  • Kate is devoted to her eight children and trying to keep her family running smoothly.
  • She doesn’t believe the rumors that are circulating about Jon and vehemently denies she has had any affairs.
  • She believes in traditions and making holidays special for her children.

Did Kate Gosselin Cheat?

My personal opinion is that the media should leave Jon and Kate Gosselin alone and let them work out whatever issues they might be facing in relative privacy. They’ll share what they are comfortable sharing. Even if Jon just made poor choices in where and whom he chose to hang out with, it must be a bit embarrassing and devastating for Kate. Imagine how you would feel, now times that by 100, because millions of people also know about it. Under the circumstances, Kate has shown grace and maturity in the situation. I hope that we are able to continue to see the Gosselin sextuplets and older twins grow up, as it has been a joy to watch their journey thus far. However, I wouldn’t blame the Gosselin’s should they choose to walk away from the public attention once and for all.


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