Fan of American Idol Season 8? What about an AI Themed Wedding?

Fan of American Idol Season 8? What about an AI Themed Wedding?
American Idol
Are you an avid American Idol fan? Then you may want an AI wedding

Are you a fan of American Idol Season 8? If your heart goes pitty pat for Kris, you love Adam’s high notes, or Danny Gokey’s smooth style does it for you, then you may have been following American Idol Season 8, wondering who will win, what will happen to that talented little Allison and how it all ties into your wedding.

Whether you are just starting to plan your wedding and are looking for a unique theme that hasn’t been done a million times, or you are looking for a theme for the reception, American Idol can serve as a fun and interesting starting point in your search for the perfect wedding theme.

Here are some ideas for having an American Idol themed wedding

  • Have oval neon signs made up and hung on either side of the stage area that say “Wedding Idol”.
  • Gather a panel of judges, preferably long-time friends and family that know you well. You’ll need three or four to represent the judges on American Idol. Ask these judges to do a little skit for your family where you and your spouse-to-be face the judges and they critique your upcoming marriage. For example, “Randy” might say, “Dogs, your marriage is going to be amazing.” The person playing Paula Abdul will gush and say, “You two are just so cute.” The person representing Simon will make some caustic comment, such as “When I first saw you two as a couple, I thought it was like putting pickles and peanut butter together, but now I realize pickles and peanut butter can work.” Have fun with it.
  • If you are really brave and into the theme, you can have a justice of the peace or minister play the part of Ryan Seacrest. If you are unable to find someone already licensed that is willing to go along with your unusual wedding theme, a family member or friend can get ordained online and marry you.
  • Do you and your future spouse carry a decent tune? Consider singing your vows to one another.
  • When sending out your invitations, invite the guests to cast their vote for Wedding Idol. It might be something as simple as voting on who is most likely to marry next among your friends or whether they want white or chocolate cake (still offer both, of course).

These are just a few of the ways, you can create a themed American Idol wedding. If you have been a fan of American Idol Season 8 or have watched the show since its beginning, this may be just the unique wedding idea you’ve been looking for.


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