Spring Forward – Set Your Clocks for Spring

Reset your alarm!
Spring ahead this Sunday!

It’s that time of year – time to spring forward and set your clocks for spring. It is a time of year that many Americans dread, because we lose an hour of sleep by moving that clock forward and actually getting up earlier. It also means the early mornings are darker for longer. Who thought up this Daylight Savings Time (DST) madness anyway? Oh, yeah, it was G.V. Hudson. I don’t think I like him.

Although DST is often blamed on Benjamin Franklin, all he wanted to do was to fire some cannonsĀ  and have people rise a bit earlier to save on candle usage.

Today, DST has turned into a beast where our clocks must be reset at 2 a.m. on a given Sunday in the spring and again in the fall. Not only do we have a sleepy day or two in the spring, but most of us have untold numbers of clocks to reset throughout our house. There are clocks everywhere in today’s modern world: microwave, oven, DVD Player, cell phone, alarm clock, television, computer, wall clocks, etc. Luckily, many of these clocks do reset on their own. Clocks you will likely have to reset:

  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • DVD Player
  • Alarm Clock
  • Wall Clocks

Phones that usually reset on their own include cell phones, television and computers. However, here are some things that may help ensure these devices reset correctly:

  • Turn the cell phone off and back on Sunday morning. If the phone has not already reset on its own as far as time, this should do the trick.
  • Check the date settings on your computer by clicking on the icon in the lower right that has the time. Make sure that you have the time zone set correctly and that it is set to factor in DST.
  • The television should reset on its own without any problems, but you may want to double-check to be sure.

Finally, consider going to bed an hour earlier Saturday evening to make up for the lost hour of sleep the next morning. The good news in all this? Spring is nearly here!

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