Spring Cleaning Tips for Winter

broom and dust panIf you’re looking for some spring cleaning tips for winter days, then you’ve come to the right place. Spring cleaning is all well and good, but if you don’t deep clean your house any other time of the year, it’s going to get pretty filthy. It is much easier to do some “spring” cleaning with the change of each season. This will keep your house in tip-top shape, reduce clutter, and have your home sparkling in no time.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall

There are some specific cleaning duties that can be relegated to each seasons and others that should be worked on all year long. The checklists below will help you as you go through your seasonal cleaning duties.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Winter…

  • Deep clean carpets with a steam cleaner. You can rent one from almost any grocery store or big box retailer like Walmart. There are also some decent home cleaners on the market that can get your carpets clean. Many carpet experts recommend using only hot water to clean your carpets. Your mileage may vary on this issue. I personally use Tide and then go over it with a little hot water with a dash of Downy. I have had carpet cleaners flip out over the idea of my using Downy on my carpets. Yet they look clean and smell fresh after six years of pets and kids trying to destroy them. Works for me.
  • Wipe down all baseboards. The cold days indoors is a good time to complete this time-consuming task. Do one room at a time.
  • Clean out closets and drawers. Again, one at a time or you’ll get overwhelmed.


The warmth of spring almost screams out for a deep cleaning of your home. It’s time to throw open the windows and air things out a bit.

  • Clean down the inside jams of all windows and doors.
  • Plant a few flowers.
  • Sweep off the front porch and replace any broken landscaping lights. Pull out any leftover flowers you didn’t get rid of in the fall.
  • Swap out clothes the kids have outgrown for new ones. Pack away winter coats and gear.
  • Wipe down walls. Do this one room at a time here and there throughout the spring, so you don’t get overwhelmed.


Ahhh… summer. The kids are out of school, which means the house is always a wreck. Sand and pool water gets tracked into the house. It can be hard to just keep up with things on a daily basis. For that reason, the summer cleaning list is fairly short.

  • Enlist the kids to help you clean out the garage. Declutter. Take anything you don’t need to a charity or give it away. You could also have a garage sale and make a few extra bucks.
  • Go through your towels and get rid of any that have holes or are hopelessly frayed. Replace with new ones. The best way to do this is to buy a solid color that is easy to locate again. We have blue and tan towels in the girls’ bathroom. These are easy to replace and match. Kids wear out towels pretty fast, even expensive towels.


Fall is a great time to prepare for the long winter. There are many tasks you need to complete before the cold weather hits. These include:

  • Pulling up or trimming back any plants or shrubbery around your home.
  • Cleaning carpets to recover from the kids being home all summer.
  • Cleaning windows while the sun is still bright enough to make sure you aren’t leaving streaks.
  • Taking down all curtains and blinds and cleaning them and putting them back up.

Final Spring Cleaning Tips

Of course, all of these housecleaning tips are in addition to the many things us crabby housewives have to do in a normal week. Dusting, wiping down, cooking, laundry and many other tasks really keep us hopping. If we admit it, though, we wouldn’t change our lives for anything. Taking care of your family brings the joy of knowing they feel safe and loved.

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