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These days, we’re all on a budget. Recently, I lost my main egg freelance income and have had to look for additional ways to save money and be more diligent than ever about using coupons. In our home, other than our mortgage, food is our biggest cost.

This got me to thinking about how I could cut down that big cost even more. So, I decided to start a new project. Within two weeks, I was able to save about 30%. You can likely do better.

Then, one of my writing friends who was laid off with me, said, “You need to offer this information. It is helpful and so many people are out of work or on tighter budgets.” After thinking it through, I realized that a community of like-minded people trying to save money was the best way to present this information. So, Crabby Housewife will be offering some free lessons, but I’ll also have a new membership area where I will walk you through what I do each week to save money. If you’re on a tight schedule, you can simply cook the meals I cook (they are simple and basic and most families like them), shop where I shop, use the coupons I use and save money. There will also be guides, podcasts and interviews with experts as we go along. More on the membership site soon.

I just want to give you an example. Last week, I went to a local shop that sells 1.5-pound packages of hamburger at 5 packages for 19.99. This comes to $2.64/pound, which is a good price. It is also the best hamburger I’ve ever found anywhere. Shop around and see if your local stores offer something similar. Try butcher shops. I buy this hamburger at an IGA. You can also buy a huge package of ground beef at Sam’s Club and divide it into 1-pound packages yourself.

Next, I combined coupons and sales to stock up on items like spaghetti sauce for .50 a jar (savings of about 75% on these), free pasta (had a .50 coupon that doubled and they were $1.00 each on sale), and several other items for meals (the membership site will go into detail).

My family likes a dish that is like homemade white castles. However, we never eat all the meat. There was about .75 of a pound left. To save even more money, I will use this to make tacos tonight. The taco seasoning was on sale, plus Meijer had a coupon for $1.00 of if you bought four. The packets were about .50 each, which might not be super cheap, but it is the kind my family likes. I also bought soft taco shells for around 1.00, purchased the lettuce that was on sale and cheese, which was $2.00 for a package, but we can use it sevearl times. This meal will wind up costing me about $5.00 to feed my entire family and it will be filling. There will likely be no leftovers, but remember that I’m using leftovers.

You can see how saving 30% becomes simple. Please stayed tuned about the membership site where I’ll be offering this kind of info in-depth so you can save money as well. Follow me and see how much I save this year.

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