Jillian Harris the Bachelorette – will she serve as a decent role model?

Jillian Harris the Bachelorette – will she serve as a decent role model?
Jillian Harris
Jillian Harris; Hopefully a decent role model for our kids.

It has been announced that Jillian Harris, the Bachelorette 2009, will be on ABC’s popular spin off from The Bachelor; but will she serve as a decent role model to the many teens who watch this show? Is any bachelorette a decent role model for kids?

FAQs about The Bachelorette Show

After the deplorable ending during the “After the Final Rose” episode of this season’s Bachelor, where Jason Mesnick dumped Melissa for Molly, many people threw their hands up in disgust and vowed never to watch this reality television series again. However, when ABC announced that Jillian Harris was the Bachelorette for 2009 and the show could air as early as May, ears perked up and many women mumbled, “Well, I like Jillian. Maybe I’ll give the show another chance.”

Jillian Harris captured the hearts of America with her wit, intelligence and ability to be herself. When Jason met her family, her comfort in her own skin was readily apparent as was the warm and accepting way her family welcomed him into the fold.

Is the Bachelorette Jillian a Good Role Model?

But, will Jillian serve as a decent role model so that parents of teens (the show really wouldn’t be recommended for young children) feel comfortable letting their daughters watch again? After all, moms of teens hardly want their girls to get the idea that all men are like Jason and not to be trusted! Or that girls should act like Molly, dressing in skimpy bikinis and rubbing oil all over a man’s body just to “land him”.

So, what do you Bachelor/Bachelorette fans think? Love her? Hate her? Never watching the show again, whether Jillian is the Bachelorette or not? Below is a short video clip of Jillian, just in case you don’t remember her from this season’s The Bachelor.

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