How to Paint a Pumpkin

painted pumpkins
Painted pumpkins last longer than their carved counterparts.


Painting pumpkins can be a fun activity for adults and children alike. Not only do painted pumpkins last longer than carved pumpkins, but small children can participate without worries of cut fingers or messy pumpkin innards.

The Design

Just about anything you can imagine can be painted on a pumpkin, from a face to a scene to splashes of color. The design should match the age and the ability of the creator.


Acrylic paint works best and lasts bet. It is not runny, and therefore will not drip, but is durable enough for the outdoors and comes in a wide variety of colors. Use a brush that is small enough for fine details and another for broader strokes. These items can be purchased at any hobby store, including Hobby Lobby and Michaels.


Once the paint dries, finish by spraying with clear acrylic. This will set the paint and avoid any of it wearing off from the elements. Your pumpkin should last all through the Halloween season and even into November, if you desire.



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