Host a Twilight party: invitations, snacks, decorations

Twlight by Stephanie Meyer

If you haven’t already plunked down your $5.00 reservation fee for the upcoming DVD release of the latest Twilight movie, what are you waiting for? The Twilight Saga is a huge hit amongst teens and their moms everywhere. Hosting a Twilight Party to celebrate the release of this movie may be just the type of fun any Twilighters in your life need. Here are some ideas for making the party special:

  • Invitations – Send out an invitation with an apple or your favorite quote from the book. If you make the invitations yourself, you can glue on some glitter to give the invites that extra special “sparkle” that will remind fans of a certain Cullen boy they’re all madly in love with.
  • Snacks – Vampires might not eat, but teens definitely do. Just about any type of snack will do. You could try having some Italian food, like the Cullens were cooking for Bella when she first went to the Cullen home in the movie. Remember that Bella enjoyed cooking, so get as creative as you’ve like. Finger foods and hors devours work particularly well for get togethers.
  • Decorations – Purchase inexpensive posters of Twilight from Wal-Mart and other retailers. Posters at Wal-mart were last seen for $5.00 each with several varieties available. Hang these posts on the walls with sticky tac. Twinkle lights can add some extra sparkle around the snack table. Be sure to scatter your copies of the books around as well. If you want to get really fancy, many stores now offer a life size cardboard cut out of Edward and Bella. Try stores like and Hot Topic to find your cut outs.
  • Pass Out Vampire Teeth – It sounds corny, but passing out plastic vampire teeth (try online stores like Oriental Trading), can set a fun, light-hearted tone for the evening.
  • The Main Event – Be sure to have different flavors of popcorn and plenty of seating for the viewing of your movie with your best friends. Since vampires don’t need to sleep, you may just sit up all night talking about Robert Pattinson and how many different ways his hair waves.


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