Friday the 13th: lucky lessons for your children

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Superstitions about Friday the 13th (lucky or unlucky?) surround us. Your child hears that a black cat crossing in front of you is bad luck, not to walk under ladders and many other folk tales. But, how can you teach your child to decipher between folk tales and reality, especially if your child is very young?

  • Treat Friday the 13th as lucky as any other day. In other words, make no difference in it being Friday the 13th. If your child starts the day out thinking about everything that can go wrong, he is certain to find things. Attitude is everything!
  • Stop and pet those black cats. If your child freaks out because a black cat crosses your path, encourage him to stop and pet kitty. Note of caution: if the cat is not friendly, skip this suggestion as it may backfire and convince your child that black cats truly are unlucky.
  • If your child asks if you believe in luck or superstition, have an open conversation about why or why not.
  • Have a superstition or fear that cripples you as an adult, such as fear of storms or spiders? Try not to show this fear to your child, or you risk passing it down.
  • Laugh together over silly superstitions. I still refuse to hand a salt shaker to someone directly and if caught handing it over, I’ll quickly sling salt over my shoulder. I can never remember which should to sling the salt over, so I just do both. We’ve all started laughing about this crazy superstition of mine and it is a fun game now. The kids try to trick me into handing them the salt.
  • Finally, plan something fun to make the day a happy one. If you have teens, you may want to rent the Friday the 13th movies. If your children are younger, you can still have movie night, just make it more along the lines of Dora the Explorer.

Happy Friday the 13th!


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