Get your fill of home cooking at the Filling Station

Filling Station

Once an old service station…


Looking for a family friendly restaurant in southern Indiana? Just 20 minutes north of Louisville, off Memphis/Blue-Lick Road in Memphis Indiana and across from the Love’s Travel Station, you’ll find a newly opened restaurant called The Filling Station. The theme of the restaurant was no doubt inspired by the fact that the location was once a service station for big rigs. However, the location has been completely revamped and now sports a nostalgic and unique atmosphere that will soon have locals and travelers streaming through the doors.

Huge pictures of old gas pumps fill the walls and the checkered pattern of the lighting fixtures adds to the ambiance.

Wide glass windows make the interior open, welcoming and friendly. Earth tones and lots of light create a clean, crisp appearance. The menu is simple and perfect for families. You’ll find a steaming hot buffet that features items such as meatloaf, mashed potatoes, fried chicken and even cobbler for dessert. If your appetite isn’t quite that big, you can choose from a number of offerings on the menu, such as burgers, hot dogs, chicken fingers and even steak and chicken.

One item that is unique to the Filling Station that you won’t want to miss are their homemade potato chips. Crispy with just the right amount of grease, they will help you completely forget any diet you might be on and just savor the moment.

Prices start around $6.00 and go up for the heartier entrees, such as the steaks. However, a family of four should be able to easily get their fill for around $40.00 or less. If your children are small, the kids menu has many offerings that will help save a buck or two.

Be sure to ask for a seat toward the back right, if possible to avoid traffic from the kitchen and the restrooms.

The next time you’re tooling down Interstate 65 and see Exit Number 16, take the time to pull off the highway and try out a new jewel among family dining options. You’re certain to …well… get your fill.


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