Frugal living – Living on what you have and avoiding debt

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John Martinez

If you would like to give debt a miss, the best thing for you to do would be to practice frugal living. Frugal living helps you to save money and lower the expenditures. It helps you to get the same items and of same amount at less the price. Thus, you are required to spend less; which will mean that you will be required to borrow less. Frugal living can help you maintain a debt free life.

Frugality and control on your finances

Frugality can help you to gain proper control over your finances. In order to live a frugal life, you will be required to change the way you think. You will have to be sure about the things on which you actually spend money. In addition, you will also be required to follow a proper budget. Frugality can help you save more money than you can usually do through simple budgeting. If you would really like to live a frugal life, it would be important for you to learn and understand the essence of frugal living. This can help you to decide as to the steps that you should take to lower the expenditures and the nuances to be followed that can help you maintain low debt levels.

Important frugal strategies

The main idea behind frugal living is maintaining a disciplined and planned life. Some of the most important frugal strategies that you can follow so as to lower the expenditures and save more money are:

  1. Try out frugal fashion – Rather than simply going for brands, you can try out frugal fashion. This may help you to lower expenditures as much as possible on the way you dress. So, you can see that in order to practice frugal living, you will be required to change the way you handle your finances. There are various such websites that offer you good quality items for lower price.
  2. Plan the meals based on coupons – You can plan the meals for the week based on the coupons that are available to you. Thus, couponing is another important thing that is to be followed in order to practice frugal living. If you use coupons for grocery shopping, you may be able to save lots. Planning the meals based on this can help you save more.
  3. Buy items in loads – Rather than visiting the grocery shop twice or thrice a week, it is better to buy the items you require in bulk. This helps you to get discounts on the items that you buy in bulk. In addition, this can also help you save money on gasoline as you will no more be required to drive several times to the store.
  4. Use cash rather than credit card – It would be better for you to use cash rather than using credit cards for every purpose. This can help you to maintain low debt amounts; for the lesser you use the credit cards, the lower will be the debt amounts.
  5. Try saving on entertainment – You can try saving money on entertainments. Like, avoid eating out. Even if you need to eat out, use the restaurant coupons. Rather than going for movies, rent CDs and DVDs. In addition, rather than buying books at the word go, get those from the libraries or your friends.
  6. Save on electricity – You can also save money on electricity. Install a power strip in your home and connect it with the electrical appliances that you use. This automatically switches off the appliances when not in use, thereby helping in lowering consumption of electricity.

So, these are the things that you will be required to do and follow in order to practice frugal living and save money in the process. These strategies if followed diligently may easily help you to remain debt free throughout.

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