Essential Oils

Okay, so I’m usually pretty skeptical about things that are a little new age in flavor. But, when Mary came to talk to our church ladies group about the essential oils and also talked about the use of oils in the Bible, I did sit up and listen a little more carefully. This woman could hardly be described as older, although she is about 20 years older than I. She is so bubbly, vivacious and full of life that she seemed more like a 20 year old. I liked her instantly.

Even though I liked her and I think that many herbs and such probably do have some benefits, I still wasn’t buying the stories about how great these oils were. I planned to order a little something at my friends’ party the next night just to help her out. There were a couple of things that happened that have me completely convinced that these essential oils are actually very beneficial.

  1. A woman in our group was in the middle of a hot flash. Mary rubbed some type of oil (don’t ask me what, I have no idea) on the woman’s ankles and her hot flash stopped immediately.
  2. I hurt my back a few days after the meeting and my friend rubbed some oils on my back. It felt better immediately and by the next morning did not hurt at all.

I’m experimenting and will keep everyone posted on how things go with my new found interest.

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