Deals for 5/21/10

Shopping time! I love the game of saving money. People really enjoyed my run-down last week, so I promised to share again.

Stop # 1: Rite Aid

At Rite Aid I purchased some items I might not normally buy there, for a couple of reasons. First, I had a Wellness $5 off $25 and second, I had money left on my gift card. So, I purchased:

  • 2 boxes Honey Nut Cheerios B1G1F minus coupons for about 1.75 each. Actually not a great deal, but again I had the gift card and other coupon’
  • 2 boxes Frosted Flakes B1G1F minus coupons for about 1.75 each.
  • 1 Always 16 Count liners on sale for 2.99 and I had a 2.00 off coupon so .99 (my girls like this brand)
  • Tampax 20 count on sale 2.99 and 2.00 off coupon too (another item our household uses)
  • Some various candies to round it out to $25

My total was initially over 30.00

After B1G1F and coupons, it came down to: $12.06 and I had $11.00 left on my free gift card from transferring prescription last time., so $1.06 for all those items.

Stop # 2: Walgreen’s

Have I mentioned how much I love Walgreen’s? I feel that this is the store where I get the best deals with Meijer coming in second for the majority of my groceries. I mean I MADE money at Walgreen’s today. Here is what I did… First, I split my order into two orders, because I was getting an item that would print out a Register Reward (RR) and be free and you can only do that once on each order. I wasn’t obnoxious about it. I only had two orders.

Order # 1

  • Gillette Body wash $4.49 (get back $4.50 RR)
  • No Nonsense Knee Highs .59 (had coupon for buy 2 and get $1 off – they raised the price on these, but .09 for knee highs is still not bad)
  • Ivory Soap .99 with Walgreen’s in-store coupon plus I had a coupon for $1 off Ivory so got a 3-pack for free. We use this too and regularly.
  • 4 Reach Toothbrushes (in-store add to get them for .99 each plus I had four coupons – 2 for B1G1F and 2 for 1.00 off) Now normally the register will adjust to .99 if that is the sale price, but it didn’t, so I made .02 on this deal. I know that sounds paltry, but it all adds up over time.
  • 4 Kraft Velveeta Cheese Cups. They were on sale for 1.00 plus I had a coupon for buy two for $1 off (if I had 2 coupons, I could have really gotten a great deal.) Plus if you bought 4, an RR for 1.50 printed. I essentially, after RR paid about .30 a cup. My youngest loves these, so good deal.
  • 2 bags Werther Candies. Werthers was on sale for B1G1F plus I had a $1 off coupon

My initial total: $28.92

After Walgreen’s discounts, coupons and Register Rewards from previous deals…

My total: $3.97

Register printed a RR for 4.50 and another for 1.50 so I made $2.03

Order # 2

  • Old Spice Body Wash 4.49 plus will print register reward for $4.50
  • 6 knee highs (.09 each after coupons)
  • 3 Scotch Tapes (on sale for .99 each plus I had manu coupon for 1.50 off making all three only 1.50 or about .50 each)
  • 1 Cherry Jello for .19 (filler item so I could use my register rewards without any trouble)

My total at first: $12.45

After coupons, wags discounts, RR: $5.45

An RR for 4.50 printed, so I paid about 1.00 for all of that. Actually, I think I was overcharged on something, but I’m still trying to figure it out. I think my RR was not taken off at the end. Darnit, because she kept it. It is so hard to watch what they are doing. I like the places I can self-scan better. But STILL, great, great deals. Although my family won’t use the Old Spice Body Wash, it was free, so I got it and will give away or sell in a garage sale.

Next Stop: Petsmart

My Blue Buffalo Wilderness formula cat food is still on sale for $6.99 and is normally $9.99. You can hardly ever find a coupon for this stuff, so I am stocking up while I can. $3 off per bag is a great savings.

Next Stop: GFS

Okay, maybe I’m getting a little crazy with finding the best prices and deals. Hailey and I love cheddar cheese balls. Everywhere else they cost 3.99 and up. GFS has them for 3.49. They used to be 2.99. Since coupons are not typical (I’ve seen them out once or twice) on these, I ran in and got a cheese ball. Yes that is all I bought. Yes, I did it to save .50 and yes I am crazy. But I have .50 more than you do. Pffffffffffffffffffffffft!

Next Stop: Target

The deals at Target always sound better than they wind up being for some reason. My store either doesn’t have the items or they aren’t on clearance. It’s a little disappointing. In fact, I don’t notice many clearance items at all at the Clarksville, Indiana Target store. Anyway, I did get a few good deals, but I don’t have exact totals, because I was also finishing up my SC Johnson Scrubbing Bubbles rebate and I already put my receipt in the envelope. I’ll get $5 back on that, which I’ll roll into something else that is cheap, free or has a rebate.

  • I got 4 packages of Oscar Meyer Lunch Meat. It was 3.04 a container (about normal price around here). Plus, I had $1 off 2 coupons, so that brought it to about $2.50 container. Then, Target had a buy 3 and get 1 free coupon (you can stack Target and manufacturer coupons), so the total price was about $2.30 each. Not one of my better deals, but still cheaper than I could buy elsewhere and my kids like the Roast Beef and Turkey.
  • Dove body mist spray was on sale for 2.99, I had a 1.50 off 1 coupon plus Target had a 1.00 off coupon. .50 for body mist spray (kind of like perfume). I got it for one of my daughters who likes this type of thing.
  • Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel was about 2.49 plus I had a 1.00 off coupon and it finished out my SC Johnson rebate, so I’ll get $5 back

All in all? Target was not really worth my time stopping there. I am not very impressed. The checkout girl was really nice about the coupons, though, unlike that gal the week before.

Next Stop: Walmart

What shopping trip would be complete without Walmart? I’m not a huge Walmart fan. Sure, some things are cheap, but they are “cheap” if you know what I mean. I really think they should just be called Chinamart. However, there were some very good deals to be had this week. Now, Walmart does take coupons, but they do not double. This is a good place to use those high value coupons for $1.00 and up, because you often will get the best price around (or they will price match ads from competitors) plus the high value off. Here is what I bought:

  • 1 bag Tidy Cat litter 1.77 minus 1.00 coupon means it was .77 (this is the small bag. It is cheaper to buy two or three of those and use the 1.00 off 1 coupons)
  • 1 small package of Carefree panty liners (.94 had coupon for 1.00 off so FREE)
  • Finesse conditioner 2.64 minus 1.00 coupon plus a rebate. So I made $1 once the rebate comes)
  • Flip Flops on clearance for 1.75. My daughter had just phoned me to say she broke her Aeropostale ones again. I will not be buying anymore Aeropostale flip flops. I thought $1.75 was a good deal. Old Navy is having a $1 flip flop sale tomorrow, but I’ll be gone on a women’s trip and will miss it. If you have one near you, go stock up
  • I also bought a beach towel that was on clearance for $4.00. We have a pool and kids never bring towels with them, so I try to keep some on hand.
  • Strawberries were $1.50 and my kids love berries, so I bought a quart.

My total was around $10.00 after coupons

Next Stop: Pretzel Time

I had gotten my card punched and had a free pretzel, so got this for lunch.


Taco Bell

I had printed out a coupon to try their new Limeade drink for free. So, I now had my pretzel and my drink. No cost at all. There is such a thing as a free lunch.

Final Stop: Meijer

Meijer is my grocery store of choice. They double coupons up to .50 and I find their prices to be pretty comparable to Walmart. Also, their aisles are wider and it is never as busy as Walmart. Some things are higher, like shoes, but quality is also higher. I also love their pharmacy coupon deals, but I had already filled all my prescriptions. HOWEVER, Meijer mailed me coupons last week and one of them is $8.00 of purchase of $80.00 or more and there are four coupons, one for each week. Whooooohooooooooo! What a fabulous deal this is for me.

I also discovered they had Super Pretzels on sale for 1/2 off or $1.38 a box. My girls love these things and I have been holding onto some .50 off coupons (remember .50 and under doubles). The catch? You can only use 2 like coupons per transaction and have them double. After that, they only come off at face value. Do you think that stopped me? No way. I just rang up a bunch of separate orders through the self check line. Yep, I’m that person you hate to be behind.

Order # 1

I was experimenting here to see how many times the .50 coupon would double , so my total was $1.58 for three boxes.

Order # 2

2 boxes super pretzels .76

I did this multiple times. Luckily there was no one behind me and the register helpers didn’t seem to mind.

My Big Order:

Now, remember that I needed to get to $80.00 to get that $8.00 off. I did buy a few thingsĀ  might not otherwise have bought, but here are my rules. It does have to be something I will use (unless it is free after coupon, in which case I can always give it away) or something I want to try and I have to have a coupon for it.

  • Rimmel Lip Liner $5.49 ($2.00 off coupon)
  • Another Beach Towel on Clearance for $5.00
  • Large Eggs .88 (best price I could find this week)
  • Milk $2 gallon (it was actually cheaper at Walmart but I forgot my insulated bags and was scared it would get too hot)
  • Lettuce .99 a bag
  • Sobe Water (Meijer Coupon for B1G1F – I drink vitamin waters anyway)
  • Betty Crocker Cake Mix and Frosting (Meijer coupon for .75 off cake mix plus I had .50 off when you buy mix and frosting and it doubled). Got both for just over $1.00. We won’t really eat this, but I can make it for our next church pitch in.)
  • Capri Sun on sale for $1.97 and had a $1 off coupon. I wouldn’t normally buy this, but my girls will drink it and it was a good deal. They were actually quite excited to see it, go figure. Teenagers!
  • Green Giant Frozen Veggies $1.37 (I had .50 off one coupons, so after doubling .37 each. Pretty cheap)
  • Mrs. Dash 2.99 minus .50 off one doubled, so 1.99 (I was out of the steak seasoning) Plus, I had a coupon for $1.00 off beef when you buy Mrs. Dash. Since meat coupons are very hard to come by, I will probably do this deal again next week. Essentially, it makes Mrs. Dash .99, which is a good deal. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t use it anyway, though.
  • Wheat Thins were $3.00 plus I had a $1 off coupon on each plus Meijer’s had a $1.00 off 2 coupon, so they were 1.50 a box. We do eat these and this was cheaper than even buying the generic.
  • The blackberries were on sale for only $1 each, but they were from Mexico. I don’t buy Mexican produce. Yuck. I won’t go into the reasons why because it will gross you out. Instead, I went ahead and splurged and paid $3.99 for blueberries. Sometimes the best deal is getting something healthy for your family that they love.
  • 1 loaf bread (free, because of coupon Meijer sent me last week for free bread)
  • Kix Cereal 2.29 minus 1.00 coupon so 1.29. My kids love Kix.
  • Crystal Light Singles were on sale for $2.00 each. I had a $1.00 off coupon and Meijer had a $1.00 off 2 coupon. So .50 each. GREAT deal and we love these too.
  • Murray Sugar free cookies for $2.59 minus 1.00 off 1 coupons made them 1.59 each. This is a good deal on these cookies. I buy these for me and crumble them into desserts and SF ice cream. Yum. Another thing I normally buy.

There were a few other things I bought that I didn’t have coupons for, such as Pepperoni that was on sale for 1.89 and pizza sauce. I make homemade pizza some Fridays, so these were a necessity. I also bought butter and had a 1.00 off coupon (Meijer catalina), so it was .99 and bought some grapes, a head of lettuce, etc.

My grand total was around $97.00 and then as the coupons began to come off, the $8 off $80 first, my total came down to $68.33. I saved around $30 using coupons on items I buy for the most part anyway.

Total Savings for the Day with free items and coupons: $159.83 give or take Plus I will be getting $8 in rebates and I have $10.50 in RR to use next week on more free items. I love couponing…

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