Easy “Homemade” Lemonade Recipe

Easy “Homemade” Lemonade Recipe

Summertime and the taste of fresh squeezed lemonade. There are few things in life as simple or that can evoke such strong memories. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend untold hours slicing and squeezing, cooking up the lemon sugar and mixing it all up.

My lazy, Crabby Housewife, recipe below can be mixed up in mere minutes. It tastes just as good if not better than homemade.

Easy “Homemade” Lemonade Recipe
Author: Crabby Housewife
  • 2 cans frozen lemonade concentrate you can choose pink or yellow lemonade
  • 1 lemon
  1. Mix frozen lemonade according to directions
  2. Slice lemon into thin slices and throw into the pitcher
  3. Fool your guests into thinking you actually made the lemonade from scratch
  4. *Note: If the lemonade tastes slightly bitter add 1/4 cup sugar at a time until it has the right combination of tart/sweet. I've noticed this to be more of a problem with the pink lemonade than the yellow.

Yes, that really is all there is to recipe. It is so easy and so quick that you’ll want to serve it at every gathering you host no matter the time of year.

Crabby Housewife

AuthorCrabby Housewife

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