The Easiest Flavored Iced Tea You’ll Ever Make – Sugar Free, Too!

The Easiest Flavored Iced Tea You’ll Ever Make – Sugar Free, Too!

Iced tea is a summer staple in the south. Now that we live in southern Indiana, the area definitely has a southern flavor and you’ll see sweet tea nearly everywhere. However, regular sweet tea has a ton of liquid calories that can make your waistline expand faster than you can say, “Y’all.” Actually around here, we say “you all, ” but that’s another article.

My husband and I are trying to cut back on diet colas because the carbonation isn’t good for your bones and they have all kinds of other strange chemicals in them. The natural choice was iced tea, but I would make up a pitcher and two seconds later it would be empty. I knew we needed something to have on hand, but I dreaded boiling the water, brewing the tea, icing it down, etc., only to repeat the process the very next day.

I had seen the Lipton Cold Brew tea bags at the store but thought they wouldn’t produce very good tea so always skipped them over. However, a few weeks ago, I decided to pick up a box and try it out.

I am not paid by Lipton. I do not know anyone who works there. However, I do love this product. It has saved me time and effort in the last few weeks and we have cut down our diet cola consumption by about 75%. The recipe below can be used with any type of tea, but to be truly “easy”, you need two things. Lipton Tea Bags and liquid water flavoring, such as Crystal Light or MiO.

The Easiest Flavored Iced Tea You’ll Ever Make – Sugar Free, Too!
Author: Crabby Housewife
  • Lipton Cold Brew Iced Tea Bags can sub out any type of tea bag and follow the instructions for that type
  • Liquid water enhancer in flavor of choice we like blue raspberry, peach, mango and passion fruit flavors
  • Water as called for in directions
  1. When I make up this tea, I pour in my gallon of water, add the required number of bags (this varies depending on size of tea bag and brand).
  2. I let steep for 7 minutes, even though it calls for only 3. The flavor is better when I do this.
  3. I then remove the bags and as I remove them, I give them a squeeze to get the tea out of them and make the tea a bit stronger.
  4. Now, you can either add your flavor enhancer or let people add the flavor they like as they make up their glass of iced tea. We prefer to add our own flavoring as we get a glass.
  5. If you are making for a party, squeeze in five to six firm squirts of the flavor enhancer, stir and slice up some fruit in a matching flavor to add to the tea. People will think you worked hours on this drink when it took you minutes.
Recipe Notes

Some flavors that work great include strawberry, peach, lemon, pink lemonade (add sliced lemons) and passion fruits.
Keep in mind that this drink has zero calories, so it is great if you're dieting, don't want to add liquid calories or are diabetic.

However, if diabetic, do watch what artificial flavoring is in your liquid water enhancer as some have sugar alcohols that set off blood sugar spikes and cravings.

You could also sub powdered flavoring, such as Crystal Light, if that is what you have on hand, but it is more potent, so add sparingly and taste frequently.

You all know how lazy I am. This tea is so simple to make. Tomorrow, I’ll share my easy lemonade recipe with you. Your guests will think you squeezed lemons and made it from scratch, but you will have whipped it up in a few minutes flat.

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