Decisions to Make When Planning a Homeschool Prom

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Decisions To Make When Planning the Prom

  • Venue: Choose a venue that will be receptive the specific needs of Christian homeschoolers. If the venue provides a DJ, he should understand what kind of music you do and do not want. You’ll want a location with a big enough area for everyone to dance comfortably and for some tables for those who do not wish to dance to sit and converse. If a local church has a large fellowship hall, you may want to consider holding the prom there.
  • Food: Decide whether you will have the meal catered and included. The venue you choose may help decide this for you. If you are planning a dance at a local community hall, having food there may not be an option.
  • Tickets: Who can come to the prom? Decide whether only homeschooled students are allowed or if guests can be invited. The cost of the ticket should cover any prom expenses for the evening. Don’t forget to include decorations and refreshments. You’ll also want to factor in the cost of food, renting the space, hiring the DJ and costs to clean up after the event.
  • Dress Code: Make the guidelines clear to avoid misunderstandings. Remember that one family’s idea of what is “modest” may be different than another family’s. It is important to set specific rules. Some ideas include modest formal dresses (no plunging necklines or low cut backs), no jeans or athletic wear and no bare midriffs.
  • Fundraisers: Are there any fundraisers that can help cover some of the cost of prom and make the ticket price cheaper for homeschool families? Since most families that homeschool exist on a single income, a discounted prom ticket may be greatly appreciated. You may want to consider seeking out sponsors for the event as well.
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