Covergirl BlastFlipSticks Are Flipping Fantastic

Covergirl BlastFlipSticks Are Flipping Fantastic

As most of you know, I am a BzzAgent. From time to time, I get to try out different products as part of my duties as a BzzAgent. Sometimes I like the products, sometimes I don’t, but rarely do I ADORE what I try.

BlastFlipsticks Adorable

I received a kit with almost a handful of Covergirl’s BlastFlipSticks. Each stick has two coordinating colors, but what works even better than layering those two colors over one another is that you have the ability to layer lipstick colors from different sticks over each other. Mix, match, combine and create the perfect custom color for you.

One end of the stick has a brighter, bolder color and the other end a more subdued, but shiny shade. For a daytime look, try the lighter shade. Go to night by flipping over to the darker shade. Want a truly stunning look? Layer the lighter over the darker color for a dark shade with some luminosity.


Some of the BlastFlipSticks you can obtain are:

—> Stunner – a bold, orangeish red and golden color

—> Vixen – a deep, rich red with purple undertones

—> Pucker – both sides have plum tones with the lighter shade almost violet in color

—> Smooch – one side is peach and the other a deep red. Except for very dark skin tones, the red likely looks best layered under the lighter color for most skin tones.

—> Minx – neutral, brown tones

—> Glimmer – in the pink to plum families. The lighter side is a very pale pink. Looks best layered for most people but can help tone down a bolder color.

—> Tease – pink and red

Seven little lipstick sticks. It may  not sound like a lot, but when you factor in that there are two shades on each stick and that those shades can be combined with any of the others, you suddenly have dozens of choices.

Texture and Longevity of Lipstick

The lipstick is creamy, so I worried a bit about how well it would last. Typically, a lipstick that has more of a matte quality will last longer, but there is the drawback that it dries out your lips, especially in the winter.

However, I found that the BlastFlipStick lasted for up to four or five hours before I had to reapply. That wasn’t bad and usually was the result of having eaten or having drank something.

The Cost

One will run you somewhere around $9.00 at most drugstores. My advice? Watch for sales where you can buy one get one and combine with CoverGirl coupons and this lipstick choice will be a good value. Happy color combining!

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