Clean Fridge Soup

Clean Fridge Soup

Are you sick of wasting food? We throw so much food away that it is unbelievable and while we’ve done better about using leftovers and now throw away less food, the other day I filled up a trash bag with old produce and leftovers. It got me to thinking about soup and how versatile it is for using up leftovers.

What Is Clean Fridge Soup Anyway?

This amazing soup is different every single time you make it, because you are going to use what is leftover in your refrigerator to make it. However, to make a soup that tastes halfway decent, you do have to understand what flavors go best together. For example, you don’t want to throw a kiwi into a pot with carrots, celery and beef.

Here are a few simple recipes, but remember that your recipe may vary quite a bit.

Hobo Stew

For years, I have made something I call “hobo stew”. Now that I have to follow low-carb, I have not made this for a while, but I may need to adapt it and make it again soon. Here is a basic hobo stew recipe. I am afraid I don’t measure anything when I cook, so measurements are my best guesstimate. You may need to alter a bit to suit your taste.

3-cups water

2-beef bullion cubes (can use any type of beef stock, but this is easy and cheap)

1/2-pound ground beef (I usually would set a bit aside when cooking a meal and freeze it just for the hobo stew.) or you can use leftover pot roast (tastes even better) or bits of steak

Now, for the veggies, you are going to throw in things like potatoes, corn, green beans, celery, carrots, tomatoes, onions, peas. What worked best was when I would cook a side, say peas, and have a couple of tablespoons left I would throw them into a little plastic container in the freezer. I would repeat with different types of veggies. You know how you will cook a meal and there will be not enough left to feed anyone at another meal but you just hate to waste food and throw it away? This is where hobo stew comes in.

To get a really good taste with this stew, you should always add a can of whole or stewed tomatoes and make sure there are potatoes in the stew. It makes a world of difference in the taste. Season with salt, pepper and rosemary.

Chicken Mix-Up

If your family is like mine, you can cook 6 chicken breasts and there will always be that loan 1 or 1/2 of a breast left. You can only eat so many salads with chicken in them. Fortunately, chicken is easy to cook into a simple soup. Some things you can use to make a delicious chicken soup include:

Chicken broth (I like the kind that comes in a carton, but you can also use bullion or you can make your own stock)



leftover noodles or rice

With chicken, I have found it is best to keep it simple.

Vegetable Mania

Make a simple vegetable soup by throwing in all the leftover veggies in your drawer and adding a tomato base. Yum and simple to make.

Cabbage Roll

Cabbage doesn’t go with just anything, but you can make a really delicious soup with it. Add ingredients like:

chicken or beef broth

leftover turkey or ground turkey

leftover beef or ground beef





Get Creative

These recipes will give you a good place to start as you work toward a more frugal lifestyle that includes using as many leftovers as possible. Once you’ve tried these out, you may be able to invent a few recipes of your own. Feel free to come back here and share them. And, remember, freeze any leftover soup for quick lunches and dinners. It doesn’t help to use your leftovers in a soup and then turn around and throw out the soup because you didn’t eat it all.

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