Cheap Easter Party Ideas and Table Decor

Easter party ideas to decorate for the event don’t have to cost a fortune. The Easter holiday is a time for family, bunnies and spring. It’s the perfect opportunity to incorporate fun spring colors into your outdoor dining experience for guests and welcome fresh spring flowers into your home. Between Easter brunches and backyard egg hunts, the amount of time it takes to plan an Easter celebration sometimes takes more time than you have available!

My friend over at ProFlowers contacted me this week with some tips on decor that will work well with our frugal lifestyles. ProFlowers collected great Easter party ideas that will help you impress all of your guests. This guide offers tips and decor inspiration to get you started on a picture-perfect Easter celebration. Fresh florals and pretty pastels are a must for Easter. Take a look and get inspired for your upcoming Easter celebration.

infographic from ProFlowers showing easter party entertainment ideas

Additional Frugal Easter Party Ideas

  • Host a pitch in. You can save a lot in food costs if you cook a ham and have everyone bring a side dish. 
  • Use the eggs the kids decorate in your decor. This gives them double use.
  • Use whatever flowers are on sale. In the spring, you can often find bright, sunny colors, such as yellows and pinks. 
  • Hang plastic eggs from an outdoor tree or bush. 
  • Make your own wooden door hanger to greet guests and wish them Happy Easter.

Easter Party Ideas

These are just a few of the ways you can tap into various frugal Easter party ideas and make your party one that guests will remember for years to come. When the kids grow up and think about Easter memories, you want them to remember the time you spent together and how special you made everyone feel on this and every holiday.

Sometimes you can just order inexpensive food, such as pizza, and everyone is perfectly content. The key isn’t to kill yourself slaving over a hot stove. The key is to create happy moments where the entire family comes together.

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