10 Easy Easter Decorating Ideas

10 Easy Easter Decorating Ideas

#1 Decorative Easter Egg Centerpiece

This table centerpiece is fun to make using floral foam. The greenery can be picked from your yard with various stems from plants, evergreens and herb. Don’t forget to add a bit of moss. You may prefer to purchase floral greenery sticks.

  • Buy hand-painted or paint your own decorative Easter eggs. 
  • Hot glue to your arrangement.
  • Use larger eggs to create greater design interest.
  • Set in the center of your Easter table

#2 Tulips by the Door

Don’t just escort guests to the patio, mark the way with this cute decorative Easter tulips arrangement. Temporarily repurpose a pair of wellies for the task.

  • Use a slender glass vase and fill halfway with water to allow for displacement.
  • Inset the vase into one boot and repeat with the next boot.
  • Place tulip stems into the vases and set by the door.

You can replace the flowers once spent.  You may prefer to use silk flowers for a more permanent arrangement. If you don’t have cute wellies, use a pair of low-cut shoes or boots and fill with low full flowers like peonies. Be creative and come up clever way to show up a pair of your favorite fun shoes with colorful spring flowers.

#3 Just for Overnight Guests

Photo Credit: ProFlowers.com

Welcome overnight Easter guests with a beautiful purple and yellow tulip bouquet. Fill a nice tall vase with fresh tulips and place on a bedside table or dresser. Add a cupcake stand with scrumptious chocolates along with a small gift box of Easter candies. Don’t forget to add an Easter bunny to guards your favorite books you want to share.

#4 Bibbed Tulip Chandelier

This is a fun craft project for the entire family. 

  • You’ll need a plastic hoop, white ribbon, ceiling hook and silk double or parrot tulips (determine number needed for fullness).
  • First cut 6 strands of white ribbon the length needed to hang your chandelier the right height above a dining table, nightstand or living room corner.
  • Tie the strands around the hoop, spaced out evenly.
  • Stretch ribbons out full length. Tie ends together or secure with a rubber band. 
  • Cut the enough ribbons (2″-3″ long) so you have one for each tulip.
  • Tie ribbons evenly around the hoop, leaving enough to tie a tulip on the end.
  • Tie tulips so your chandelier is full with different tulip lengths.
  • Add one ribbon length between the tulips to tie sprigs of greenery.
  • Cut white ribbon wide enough to cover the hoop and secure with glue or hot glue. 

You’re ready to hang your chandelier from the ceiling hook. If you have a hanging light kit or a strand of miniature light, you can always add this to your creation.

#5 Vase of Flowers and Easter Candies

Photo Credit: ProFlowers.com

Create an arrangement with simple embellishments, such as twigs, greenery, ribbon and Easter themed figurines and candies.

  • Purchase fresh or silk tulips and set in a simple white vase or pitcher.
  • Spray white paint on small twigs or purchase sprig filler.
  • Add a few brown springs and a couple of small flowers and greenery.
  • Tie a pink floral patterned ribbon around the vase. 
  • Don’t forget to add a cute butterfly.
  • Cut a square of green and pink patterned fabric big enough to extend at least 3″ beyond the vase.
  • Set fabric on table and center vase on top of it.
  • Add a collection of figurines and/or Easter candy around the vase.

#6 Easter Tree

Photo Credit: ProFlowers.com

Select a real or faux rosemary or juniper plant for this project. 

  • Select a yellow metal pot or other choice.
  • Set the plant in the pot, adding soil as needed.
  • Hot glue a purple fabric ribbon to the pot.
  • Decorate with miniature Easter ornaments.

Your Easter tree can be placed in a guest bathroom, on a coffee table or make three or five to grace a fireplace mantel.

#7 Bunny Perfect Easter Basket

This is a simple, but sophisticated Easter Bb

  • Select the perfect Easter basket.
  • Place potted plants inside. Use all the same or mix several leafy types.
  • Add a few decorative Easter eggs and candy or faux carrots.
  • Set a candy rabbit, ceramic rabbit or sisal rabbit in the center.
  • Add a large polka dot fabric bow.

#8 Elegant Eggs

Keep it simple, but colorful. This is perhaps the easiest way to make your Easter table a fun event. 

You will need:

  • Colorful Easter eggs 
  • Several colors and patterns of paper napkins.
  • Clothespins. You may prefer to paint the wooden clothespins.

Combine a solid colored napkin with a patterned napkin and wrap around one of the eggs, securing with a clothespin. Play around with colors and patterns for unique combinations. Place one in the center of each dinner plate so every place setting has one.

#9 Cupcake Pedestal Display

Photo Credit: ProFlowers.com

Instead of display a cupcake, why not use this pastel stand to highlight an adorable egg-shaped container filled with colorful tulips? Greet your family for Easter breakfast with this cute decorative idea.

#10 Birds Nest with Easter Surprises

A cute table decoration made from a faux birds nest with artificial moss can host Easter candy for the little ones. A newly hatched baby chick and a chocolate bunny keep a watch over several Easter egg candies. 

Make Easter Extra Special with Decorations

It’s easy to make Easter a little extra special in your home when you add a decoration or two. These are simple ways to add a whimsical touch to an important religious holiday.

Photos: courtesy of ProFlowers.com 


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